Changing attributes of fur in Maya

Changing attributes of fur in Maya After creating a fur description, you can edit its attributes. There are three possibilities for this: Changing the attributes of the fur description. The changes will be ...

Bangladeshi Government Going to Change the Spelling of Five District Name in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is one of the economical rising country in Asia after Japan.

Global lighting and caustics in Autodesk Maya

Correctly created shadows give realism to the image. With the help of shadow you can determine the position of the object. For example, it hangs in the air or stands on the ground....

Hair Tools in Autodesk Maya

We continue the series of posts on the study of the instruments Hair.

Drawing textures in The Foundry Mari version 4.0

I 'm telling you about a great tool for drawing textures Mari version 4.0, which was developed by the famous Weta Digital Company from New Zealand and now occupied by Foundary. This program specializes exclusive...

10 basic rules for creating a character in 3D

I present you 10 rules that will help to create an excellent character model in Maya or 3ds Max (and in other programs). Of course, this is not the solution to all your problems, and adhering to them you will not b...

Bangladesh now developing country: UN

DHAKA: The United Nations has recognized Bangladesh as developing country, after graduating from ‘Least Developed Country’ bloc, says State Minister for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam.

Domino's Pizza to set foot in Bangladesh soon

Domino's, the world's largest pizza chain, is set to serve its famed pies to Bangladeshi customers within the next three months, tapping into the growing demand for Western fares among the upwardly mobile population.

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3D Modeling Services Dhaka Bangladesh

Da Clipping Path Color Correction Service

Detailing of 3d interiors

Droom Auto Awards Nomination Form

You can nominate your vehicles for as many awards as you want in any category.

Fire stick help

We are providing the best Fire Stick help, so if you are not able watch your favorite content through Fire Stick, then you should call us on our toll-free number that works round the clock.

Price Comparison Shopping Engine

Price Comparison Shopping Engine typically enable shoppers to use "search" features to find specific models, brands or items.

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