Mobile Network Operators in Bangladesh

Over the past twenty years, mobile technology has had a tremendous increase in Bangladesh, a South Asian nation. The demand for mobile services has skyrocketed due to the country's population of over 160 million and its increasing need for connectivi

By fiscal 2030, the parent company of Uniqlo hopes to have 80% non-Japanese managers

The operator of Uniqlo, Fast Retailing, is increasing its recruitment efforts outside of Japan with the goal of having 40% of its executive officers and 80% of management be foreign nationals by the end of the company's fiscal 2030 year.The company i

KFC closes more than 100 locations in Malaysia as part of a boycott supporting Palestine

This image shows an empty KFC outlet in Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (File photo)Due to the current conflict in Gaza, KFC has scaled back its operations in Malaysia and temporarily closed roughly 20% of its restaurants. This move follows mon

The hotel sector is at the top of investors' interest in Japan

Interest rates in Japan hit a 17-year high. Investors have become optimistic about the country's housing sector after the central bank's decision in March. Those concerned think that investment in the hotel sector will increase, especially in front o

Mobile manufacturing giant Huawei regains the top spot

Photo: ReutersChinese tech giant Huawei has suffered losses since 2019 due to US sanctions. The company's growth was subdued due to its post-pandemic supply chain and lack of inflation. However, in early 2024, China'...

Down: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger: Massive outage caused by meta platforms that abruptly stop functioning

It looks that parent company Meta is experiencing a significant outage that has affected Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.Users discovered that they couldn't load the websites or apps normally. Affected users discovered that Instagram would not fun

Elon Musk lost the Richest person's crown! Who behind ?

World's Richest Man: For the first time since 2021, Inc. founder Bezos, 60, has topped Bloomberg's ranking of the richest people.Elon Musk is suddenly under pressure. For ...

Just when 5G network deployment is almost complete, telcos are already discussing "5.5G."

Spain's BARCELONA The deployment of 5G wireless mobile networks has not yet been completed by telecom providers. Nevertheless, leaders of significant carriers are already discussing the development of "5.5G," or "5G Advanced," technology.At the Mobil

Google Gemini's product lead withdraws from social media following an unsettling AI product launch that resulted in abuse

Important PointsJack Krawczyk, the Gemini Product Lead, has deleted content from his social media accounts in response to a recent wave of hostility.Elon Musk, the owner of social networking platform X, among other public figures and users have been

By 2027, the Indian AI market is expected to reach $17 billion.

Based on a collaborative analysis by consulting firm BCG and IT industry organization Nasscom, the country's artificial intelligence market is expected to reach $17 billion by 2027, rising at an annualised rate of 25–35 percent between 2024 and 202

Bitcoin: record growth! Investments in Bitcoin exceeded $1 trillion

Investments in Bitcoin have now crossed 1 trillion. Experts believe that US spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds have taken an active role in this growth.Investments in Bitcoin are increasing. After a long time, investment in Bitcoin has once again rea

La Bougie du Sapeur: The only magazine in the world that comes out every 4 years...

Know that on this day, i.e. after 4 long years, a special type of magazine also comes out. France's 'La Bougie du Sapeur' only comes out on February 29 in leap years.G24H Digital Bureau: We all know that 2024 is a leap year. Last Thursday was the las

Chinese banks bought a record amount of dollars by exchanging currencies

Banks in China have increased their purchases of dollars through currency exchange or swaps from buyers. Last January they bought the highest dollar amount ever in this process. This means that the exporters only wan...

New NATO-member! This time Britain, America, Germany, France and Sweden together

Sweden had long followed a policy of neutrality. But this time, this Nordic country abandoned the history of 200 years of neutrality and became a NATO country. However, a non-NATO country is not welcomed to become a member of NATO. NATO has specific

Polkadot Unveils AI Chatbot PolkaBot to Counter ChatGPT

To educate users and the wider public about the DOT ecosystem, Polkadot has introduced Polkadot, a free AI chatbot. PolkaBot is a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool introduced by ...

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