Reasons Behind Japan should stop Kanji Right Now (Opinion Only)

Hello Japan. Today I will share some of my opinion reason behind why Japan Government should stop Kanji as their official uses. Its my opinion only, please.Actually, I and all people...


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Born in a Brahmin Family, Bankey Bihari ji, started his religious learning at an early age. He was sent to the same astrologer, who made Bankey ji’s Kundali, to get lessons on Sans...

Aravalli Range: How over-exploitation of world's oldest geological feature hurting India’s ecological balance?

Aravalli range was once as tall as Himalayas! However over hundreds of millions of years, they have been eroded down to low hills and ridges.

Coronavirus and steps to prevent it

Representative imageHealth officials around the world are keeping a close watch on the outbreak of coronavirus in China, which is spreading around Asia and has reached as far away as the United States.

Christmas Party Venues Melbourne | Indoor Wedding Ceremony Venues

Our capacity room has been particularly planned and flaunts a cutting edge, refined intrigue that will be a friendly exchange among the entirety of your visitors.

Bunurong memorial park | Springvale botanical cemetery

Russell Brothers Funeral Directors have a solid association with Bunurong Memorial Park.

Best Infertility treatment in noida - Increasing Pregnancy Success Rates

Adam & Eve Test tube baby and fertility centre provides the best Infertility treatment in Noida.

Should Zunaid Ahmed Palak need to say sorry for a ride in a bike as a passenger without a helmet?

Photo: Sir Zunaid Ahmed Palak's Facebook First of all, I would like to give thanks to Mr.

Make Your Wall Unique Beautiful and Inviting

In this modern time, art is defined by the market but the personal taste of consumers, and to fulfill this taste various artists are doing hard work. Len is the passionate Nostalgia Artist continuously working to des...

Sendai Dai Kannon Temple in Sendai Japan

SendaiDaikannon Bosatsu is a figure of Byaki K...

Bangladesh now 39th most valuable nation brand

Bangladesh has moved up by five notches this year and ranked 39th out of 100 valuable nation brands in the Nation Brands 2018 report.

Canada becomes the second largest country permitted Marijuana as legal

It's not a day dream it's true Canadian government already legalized marijuana in Canada.

Rock legend Ayub Bachchu passes away

Ayub Bachchu. Star file photoAyub Bachchu, the prominent singer, composer and founder of rock band LRB, passed away at his Moghbazar residence in Dhaka this morning at the age of 56.He was brought to Square Hospital around 9:55am when doctors declare...

The Number of Hindu population in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, Hinduism is the second largest religious affiliation, covering about 9.

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