India Banned Total 59 Chinese apps Including TikTok

After the dispute on the Indo-China border, the central government took major steps against China.

How to Select the Color Combinations to Raise Interactivity in Email Marketing?

Did you know that colors in emails convey messages and not merely exist?Why do you need to understand the concept of color scheme? When you have a prospect list and are ready to nurture the leads, you need to segment your audience on specific criteri

How Many Businesses Using Facebook Fan Page?

If you think about the school of social media in that case Facebook will come first. Across the globe, the most branded company and organization got at least one Facebook business page for their business. The very reason for using this social platfor...

What is Keyword for SEO and Business Promotion?

Whenever we go to a search engine and write down our required topic within two or three words these topic words are called Keywords. A Keyword is a word or phrase - typically a phrase of two or three words - which ha...

Britain Government tying time to use social media

Britain is going to formulate a policy to limit the use of social media on a daily basis. The country's health minister, Matt Hancock, has instructed Britain's chief medical officer to draw up the policy.Concerned ab...

The 10 Most Downloaded Apps in the Current Decade

We are almost at the end of this decade.

The Number of Internet User in Bangladesh

At least 30 million people in Bangladesh are using social media, according to the Digital in 2018 report jointly p...

Most popular Facebook pages in Bangladesh

Social media is the new way of selling yourself, your company, or product or even services online. There are many social media sites for people to choose from, but Facebook is undoubtedly the best out of all. It has ...

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