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Unijobs Bangladesh- Find Your perfect Job

A Complete Network for Job Seekers and Employers.

A Complete Digital Marketing Services in Bangladesh

Digital marketing is the trending marketing way to promote brands, products, and services.

Coca-Cola sold 25 Bottles at their First start of Business

We can learn a lot from Coca-Cola a multi billion company who started only selling 25 bottles for the first year.

What is Archived accounts for XM Trading

After a long period of time if you try to log in your XM trading platform you could find its showing your password wrong and if you ask for the resend the password they will show you about your account it's Archived.

Reasons Behind Bangladesh and Japan Flag are Same

I has a much quary the reasons behind the similarity of the flag between Japan and Bangladesh.

This is a great morning

This is a great morningThis is a great morning

First Bangladeshi Oscar Winner Nafees Bin Zafar

In 80 years history of Oscar the very first name of a Bangladeshi came up in 200

Rich people in Ecuador

Ecuador, officially the Republic of Ecuador is a representative democratic repub

Rich people in Malawi

Malawi, officially the Republic of Malawi, is a landlocked country in southeast

Rich People in Denmark

Photo Source: europewordDenmark is a beautiful country for living, educatio

How Many Languages in Ethiopia?

There are 90 individual languages of Ethiopia according to Ethnologue, with the

What is Lead Time ?

lead time is a time given by the manu-facturer. Mostly buyer can fixed up lead t

Trade Licence in Bangladesh( How I can Get it)

you are looking for trade licence in Bangladesh ? its really easy to get a trade

What Does MOQ Mean?

MOQ means "Minimum Order Quantity"That is your capability of your products produ

What is Statutory Company?

A company incorporated by a special.Act of the legislature is called a statutory

What is Software?

The second important part of as computer is software. Software is a series of in

What is Speculation?

Speculation is the buying and selling of shares, securities, stocks and commodit

What is Wager Policy?

This is a kind of insurance policy in which the insured ‘does not have any ins

What is Watered Capital?

It refers to that portion of the share capital of a joint stock company. Which i

What is Word Processing?

Word processing is the production of letters, digits, papers, documents and so o

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