World's Most Powerful Women 2023

Forbes magazine has named the world's 100 most powerful women. This list is prepared for this year. There are four faces of India, two Bengalis. For...

14 % of the total freelancers in the world are from Bangladesh

Along with the development of the IT sector in the country, there has been a silent revolution of freelancers. From cities to remote areas, young people are earning tens of thousands of dollars a month by freelancing...

Bangladesh Beats China in Readymade Garment Export, Touches $9 Billion

Strategic considerations support Bangladesh's rise to the top of the knitwear export rankings to the European Union (EU), where it will overcome China from January to September of 2023. The Everything But Arms (EBA) ...

Bangladesh's per capita debt Tk 64,380

Garment workers come out of a factory during the lunch break as factories remain open despite a countrywide lockdown, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, July 6, 2021. REUTERS/Mohammad Ponir Hossain According to International Mon...

WeWork files for bankruptcy

The struggling coworking firm WeWork has filed for bankruptcy in a federal court. The declaration of Chapter 11 bankruptcy completes a startling collapse for the once-soaring, SoftBank-backed company, which peaked at...

1.5 million tons of crude oil would be imported by Bangladesh from Saudi Arabia and the UAE

In 2024 1.5 million tons of crude oil will be imported by Bangladesh from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. A proposal in this regard was in principle adopted by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs during a virtual meeting with Finance

Mitsubishi Motors will No longer Produce Vehicles In China

Mitsubishi Motors plans to launch 16 new models over the next five years. Twelve will be launched in the Southeast Asian region, of which seven will be electric vehicles. © ReutersMitsubishi Motors, a Japanese autom...

Top Cigarette Manufacturing Companies in Bangladesh

Several well-known firms dominate the cigarette industry in Bangladesh, each of which produces a range of brands to meet the needs of various consumer demographics. Benson & Hedges and John Player Gold Leaf are j...

Top 10 Toy Manufacturing Companies in Bangladesh

Bangladesh's toy business has grown significantly in recent years as a result of rising disposable income and an expanding middle-class population. Toys of all types, from traditional to contemporary to instructional, are produced by local makers. In

Israel drops white phosphorus bombs on Gazans. do you call it humanity?

According to reports, Israel continued to bombard the Gaza Strip with airstrikes that included hazardous white phosphorus bombs. Many social media users who have posted a video have asserted that Israel has targeted heavily populated areas in the nor

The Jobs that Artificial Intelligence will Put at Risk the Most

There is a lot of debate about whether artificial intelligence or AI will take over human jobs around the world. A new report sheds light on how the US job market will be affected by AI and what types of jobs will be most affected.According to that r

Brazilian Aircraft Manufacturer Embraer has Announced the Creation of a Flying Car

                                         Eve, a subsidiary of Brazilian aircr...

Meet Elon Musk's SpaceX's Newest Employee. He's 14.

The newest hire at SpaceX is a software engineer who made it through the company's "fun" and "technically challenging" interview process. Kairan Quazi stands out because he is only 14 years old."I will be joining the coolest company on the planet as

Why central banks are now buying the most gold in 80 years

Gold for dollars. This is exactly what the central banks of many countries around the world are doing right now. These countries were looking for ways to reduce their dependence on the United States. They think the safest way is to leave the dollar a

How To Clean Paper Money

Paper notes are prone to being dirty, stained, or discolored over time, whether they are significant papers, old letters, or priceless treasures. To...

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