Bangladeshi Government Going to Change the Spelling of Five District Name in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is one of the economical rising country in Asia after Japan. The government of Bangladesh giving concentration to make Bangladesh more international and convenient for foreigners globally.
They are taking and already taken many steps to prompt the process maybe changing of district name is one of them and Bangladesh Government have came up with a decision to change 5 districts name in Bangladesh so that it becomes more convenient to read and write those districts name. 
I think it's a good initiative from Bangladeshi Government.Have a look for Those changes in Spelling.

      1.Chittagong converted to Chattagram
      2.Comilla converted to Kumilla
      3.Barisal converted to Barishal
      4.Jessore converted to Jashore and 
      5.Bogra converted to Bagura
This proposal have approved in Bangladesh cabinet. What do you think is it perfect?

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