Facebook introducing a new feature in Messenger

Its use is constantly increasing due to the convenience of exchanging information including free video calls and voice calls from the Facebook Messenger app. So Facebook authorities are planning to add new features f...

Facebook should pay to the users for their survey query

When I was browsing Facebook today my attention went to for some survey query from Facebook.

Viber cut off business with Facebook

Viber, the world's most popular free and most secure means of communication, has severed all business ties with Facebook in the interests of protecting its nearly 1 billion users.

Coca-Cola Going to Stop Advertising on Facebook

World-renowned soft drink brand Coca-Cola will not place any ads on Facebook for at least 30 days from next July. Coca-Cola has made such a decision due to the controversial position of Facebook in the ongoing anti-r...

Facebook adds new shopping feature 'Shops'

Facebook is launching a new feature called 'Shops' so that different businesses can show and sell their products through social media.

Bye Bye Zoom: Facebook launches 50-person video calls for free

(Image credit: Facebook)Facebook is launching Messenger Rooms, a new video call feature that includes up to 50 people with no time limit.

How Many Businesses Using Facebook Fan Page?

if you think about the school of social media in that case Facebook will come fi

How many internet users using Facebook in Bangladesh

If you think about the 1st way of social media communication in that case facebo

The 10 Most Valuable Brands in the World

Written By: Mustafa Mahmud HassanIn 2016, technology brands dominated the top 10

Most popular Facebook pages in Bangladesh

Social media is the new way of selling yourself, your company, or product or even services online. There are many social media sites for people to choose from, but Facebook is undoubtedly the best out of all. It has ...

The world’s most valuable start-ups

Uber Technologies Inc. is an American international transportation network compa

The Number of Facebook Users in Bangladesh

If you think about the most trendy social media site in Bangladesh hmm its Faceb

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg Going to be a Father

Mark announced he and his wife, Priscilla, were expecting their first child with

Facebook Opens New Office in Thailand

A 3D plastic representation of the Facebook logo is seen in this illustration in

Why Google Should Continue Google+

Written By: Sazibtgemail: sazibtg@gmail.comCan you think a day without social me

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