New feature of Facebook page launched in India

Facebook has unveiled new page designs for celebrities and content creators. On Friday, Indian users were given the opportunity to use it for the first time. This will allow users to create new communities and archive business data.

The new Page design allows users to easily switch between personal profiles and public profiles as needed. This will easily show page bio, post, and other important information. Its news feed has the advantage of being able to easily interact with the conversation and the public.

Facebook said in a message that the new feature can easily identify trends. It’s helpful to build a separate communication system with office colleagues and connect with fan followers. At the same time, a new connection such as any other public figure, pages, groups, and trending content will be notified.

Ordinary Facebook users can see the comments of celebrities or public pages (their followers) directly. At the same time, ordinary people can follow them from the comments section of those pages. The new A news feed will remove the link and focus on the followers. This will make it easier for ordinary people to connect with the page of their choice. Facebook users will get all the notifications of their following pages in the new news feed. According to the new design, the page admin will now be able to give access to the page manager of his choice.

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