The Number of Internet User in Bangladesh

At least 30 million people in Bangladesh are using social media, according to the Digital in 2018 report jointly prepared by We Are Social and Hootsuite. It also showed that around 18 percent of the country’s people are active social media users. Interestingly, around 94 percent of social media users access social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter through mobile phone devices.

If you think about the 1st way of social media communication in that case Facebook will remain 1st position in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a land of opportunity for social media because this country has more than 60% adult population and with adoption capacity.

The total number of Internet Subscribers has reached 102.113 Million at the end of May 2020.

Internet subscribers are shown below:

OPERATOR                      SUBSCRIBER (MILLION)

Mobile Internet                  94.028

WiMAX                              0.002

ISP + PSTN                       8.084

Total                                  102.113

80 percent of internet users of Bangladesh is on social networking websites Facebook according to Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC). Bangladesh has 96,199,000 Internet users for May 2020. 38,000,000 Facebook users on Nov 15/15, 25.6% penetration rate. The positive vibe is that the using rate is increasing in a rapid way.

The Bangladesh capital has 20 million active Facebook users, which is 0.9 percent of the total monthly active users of the social networking site across the globe, according to a study conducted by We Are Social and Hootsuite. 

Interestingly, The Bangladesh capital has 22 million active Facebook users, which is 1.1 percent of the total monthly active users of the social networking site across the globe, according to a study conducted by We Are Social and Hootsuite. The organizations are trying to depict the use of the internet in their 'Global Digital Statshot Q2 2018' report.

The number of social media users rose by 11 million in Bangladesh in the past one year (2017), which is the eighth fastest in terms of growth, according to the report. Most of them are Facebook users.

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