Top 50 Online Businesses You Can Do in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, launching an internet business offers a plethora of chances inside the quickly expanding digital economy. There are many different business options available to entrepreneurs, ranging from digital serv...

Microsoft's AI will turn still images into videos

Microsoft is bringing a new AI tool to turn any still image captured by the camera or hand-drawn into a real video. Recently, Microsoft Research Asia unveiled a new experimental AI tool called Vasa-1. News: Engadget.The tool will be able to create a

Bytedance said that TikTok will not be sold

The United States Senate has passed a bill on the video sharing app TikTok. They stipulated that the app should be sold to a US company. Or the US will ban the app in its country. Given all this, ByteDance, the company owned by TikTok, said that they

VR apps are tried in emergency evacuation drills at Japanese universities

In the Japanese prefecture of Fukushima in the northeast, a disaster evacuation drill utilizing an augmented reality app was conducted on Sunday. At an Iwaki City mall, about 110 locals and students gathered to test ...

After 15 minutes of training, your iPhone will soon be able to mimic your speech

With just 15 minutes of training, Apple on Tuesday unveiled several new accessibility features for the iPhone and iPad, one of which is a feature that mimics a user's voice during ph...

Google released a new app and subscription service and renamed Bard AI as Gemini

The Gemini logo of Google by GoogleGoogle's AI chatbot and assistant, Bard, underwent a significant makeover on Thursday, complete with a new app and subscription choices. Now known as Gemini, the chatbot's AI model ...

Apple is working on foldable clamshell iPhone prototypes

Photo: AFP/Getty ImagesFlip phones based on the iPhone might be released shortly. According to tech news site The Information, Apple has created at least two prototypes of its best-selling smartphone that folds ...

Smartphone will last 50 years on a battery without charge!

Think about it, if several devices in addition to mobile phones run on a single battery for 50 years without charging, then how? Surprised! You may be thinking, is it possible again? Yes, a Chinese company is going t...

Elon Musk has announced that a chip has been implanted in the human brain for the first time

photo: ReutersThis is the first time a chip has been implanted in the human brain. This tiny chip is made by Elon Musk's company Neuralink. Elon Musk said that the patient is now recovering well.Neuralink is a brain-chip startup company founded by Te

After nearly 30 years, Microsoft's keyboard changed, adding AI buttons

Photo: APAfter almost 30 years, Microsoft has brought a major change to its keyboard because it has a newly added artificial intelligence (AI) button. You can easily access Microsoft's AI tool 'CoPilot' using the but...

Musk's X begins to charge new customers in two Countries

In an experiment aimed at minimizing spam, the social networking platform X, formerly known as Twitter, announced Tuesday that it has begun charging new users in New Zealand and the Philippines for basic capabilities...

Amazon's First Test Satellite Launch

Amazon's first pair of prototype satellites launched from Florida on Friday. This satellite has been sent for the company's Kuiper Internet network. It's the company's first step before deploying thousands more satellites into orbit to improve global

Pathao receives authorization to offer payment services

The subsidiary is permitted by the license to provide payment services in Bangladesh under the trade name "Pathao Pay."The announcement that Pathao Pay would be granted a PSP license...

Apple will begin disbursing $500 million in the iPhone Slowdown Lawsuit.

The reimbursement for iPhone users who filed a class action lawsuit against Apple, claiming the company purposefully slowed down its older models to encourage customers to switch to the newest model, will now be made. As revealed la

Telegram's prohibition in Iraq is lifted after the messaging service complied with authorities

After blocking the chat app due to security concerns, Iraq's telecom ministry lifted the ban on Telegram over the weekend.According to a statement that was translated, the ministry said that the ban was lifted as a result of Telegram's "response of t

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