List of Convenience Stores in Japan

If you walk in a city area in Japan I can assure you after every 15 minutes of walking you will find a convenience store in Japan. Actually convenience stores are one of the most con...

Cultural Fusion: Bangladesh and Japan Unite in Bon Odori Celebration

Have you ever tasted Bangladeshi food? I asked this question to many Japanese people, but most of them didn't know much about Bangladeshi cuisine, although they had heard about Indian food. While South Asian cuisine shares some similarities, the cook

Reasons Behind Japan should Rethink About Kanji (Opinion Only)

Today I will share some of my opinion and the reason why Japan should re-think K...

How Many Languages in Ethiopia?

There are 90 individual languages of Ethiopia according to Ethnologue, with the 1994 Ethiopian census indicating that some 77 tongues were spoken locally. Most of these languages belong to the Afro-Asiatic family (Semitic and Cushitic; Omotic languag

"Swifttonomics" will increase Japan's economy by ¥34.1 billion

On Wednesday, singer Taylor Swift will perform at her performance in Tokyo. Sales of her items will probably climb even more now that she won her fourth Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards on Monday, as fans will ...

The Lungi and Gamcha: Traditional Comfort and Business Success in Bangladesh

The Lungi and Gamcha are traditional clothing items cherished for their practicality and versatility in various South Asian countries, including Bangladesh. These garments offer numerous benefits, making them popular choices among people in the regio

How to Learn English as a Japanese 日本人として英語を学ぶには

Learning English as a Japanese speaker can be both challenging and rewarding. Here are some effective steps and tips to help you on your language-learning journey:1. Start with the B...

The Struggle of Over-Aged Generation and Outdated Rules: A Hindrance to Japan's Progress

Japan, a nation known for its rich history, technological advancements, and unique cultural heritage, is currently facing a significant challenge that threatens its future prosperity. The convergence of an aging population and adherence to old rules

London Buses to Carry ‘Praise Allah’ Adverts During Ramadan

As part of a campaign by the largest Muslim charity in Britain to aid Syrian civil war victims during Ramadan, buses will show advertisements thanking Allah. According to the London Evening Standard, Islamic Relief expressed the hope that the posters

How Many Chinese People Live in Bangladesh

The population of China, the most populous country in the world, is estimated to be over 1.4 billion people. While the majority of Chinese people li...

After 40 Years, Argentina Set to Reopen Embassy in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi Foreign Minister Abdul Momen with Argentine Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero Santiago Cafiero/TwitterAfter a gap of nearly four decades, Argentina is set to reopen its e...

Popular Korean band BTS will perform in Bangladesh

This time, the popular Korean band BTS will perform in Dhaka, reported Ittefaq. BTS is the global sensation that the world's most expensive brands are chasing for marketing purposes. This Korean band has the most expensive concert. When a single is r

Muslims in Bangladesh have bought and sacrificed around 1 crore cattle

Reportedly, Muslims in Bangladesh have bought and sacrificed around 1 crore cattle (cows and goats/sheep) this past Eid-Ul-Azha. The rural economy got a huge boost of around BDT 38,808 crore. In Bangladesh, busi...

The United States has Blacklisted a Dozen Chinese Technology Companies

The U.S. government has blacklisted a dozen more Chinese companies citing national security and foreign policy concerns. Washington says a number of organizations are helping develop the Chinese military's quantum computing program. This information

In Japan, 13 Bangladeshis have been newly infected with the corona virus and the number increased to18

The number of Bangladeshis infected with the coronavirus seems to be increasing day by day in Japan.

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