Reasons Behind Japan should stop Kanji Right Now (Opinion Only)

Hello Japan. Today I will share some of my opinion reason behind why Japan Government should stop Kanji as their official uses. Its my opinion only, please.

Actually, I and all people have not enough time to learn a language based on tradition and another prerequisite. Because I heard and logically found that people in Japan using Kanji as their tradition. But my question is there enough time for anyone to invest a huge level of time to learn a language?

Japan already got three-way to express their writing ability and these are

  1. Hiragana

  2. Katakana and

  3. Kanji

So Hiragana is using for the local use inside Japanese cultural expression and Katakana is using for the foreign word. To express the Language Japan can use Hiragana and Katakana if need they can hybrid these two type.

In this globalization time zone, I don't think that Japan should use or teach Kanji. Please do not take it another way it's only my opinion.

Honestly, people have not enough time because there are at least more than two thousand Kanji and their use is too critical and I do not found any meaning to use Kanji.

Japan is a hard working country and all people need to do hard work and the students they need some relax. If Japan thinks they are self-sufficient so I think it would not be a proper understanding in this modern age. Whereas Japan can think a bit different way and they need to co-operate other languages too in the same way.

Most People in Japan Only know the Japanese. Boys and girl in Japan actually they have no time to learn something new. Because they need to learn a bunch of kanji and other staff in the Japanese language. It's kind of mental pressure.

I think Japan should avoid Kanji in the meantime they should give priority in Hiragana and Katakana. As I heard Korea and some part of China leaving Kanji and Japan should join the movement.

My above writing is not intentional and if you found any intentional line please let me know I will delete those line.

Thank you again and I will say I love Japan but they have some old trend tradition that they need to give up soon to make the country more international and find a better alternative alter Kanji.

 (Opinion Only)

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