Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh there are many life insurance company. BusinessHabit team find out

Solar Power Companies in Bangladesh

The long term average sunshine data indicates that the period of bright sunshine hours in the coastal regions of Bangladesh varies from 3 to 11 hours daily. The insolation in Bangladesh varies from 3.8 kWh/m2/day to ...

Tea Manufacturing Companies in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an important tea producing country. Its tea industry dates back to British rule when the East India ...

Top 10 group of companies in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a densely populated country in t...

What is working capital?

Working capital is required to operate the day to day activities of the organiza

Top Automobile Companies in Bangladesh

The automobile is a growing sector in Bangladesh. Private organizations contributing to this sector in a praisewor...

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Bangladesh

The pharmaceutical industry in Bangladesh is contributing to the country’s economic development. In 2000, there were 210 licensed allopathic drug-...

Highest Tax Payer Companies in Bangladesh

As per The National Board of Revenue (NBR) there are 10 highest taxpayers compan

Highest Paid Salary Provoder Companies in Bangladesh

There are many companies in Bangladesh who are providing so so salary to their e

What is Investment?

Investment is an activity that is engaged in by people who have saving. Investme

What is Product Cost ?

Product cost includes all the cost that are involved in acquiring or making a pr

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