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what’s the Objectives of Cost Accounting

The objective of cost accounting is to minimize per unit production cost and to

Private Commercial Banks in Bangladesh

There are many Commercial Banks running their banking activities in Bangladesh.

What is Surrender Value

The amount of money paid by the insurer to the insured in consideration latter?

What is Overhead Cost Variance ?

The difference between actual and standard overhead cost are called overhead cos

What is Spending Variance?

This means expenditure variance. The difference between budgeted fixed overhead

Reading prothom-alo newspaper means contributing to the society and to the country.

There is a proverb “good and honest object deserve more” I read prothom-alo

Methods of Transfer Pricing

The methods of transfer pricing plays very important role for evaluating transfe

Inappropriate Decision for Grameen Bank

The Grameen Bank is a Nobel Price-winning microfinance organization and communit

What is Web Server?

The computer where data are maintained and which causes the otherComputers to be

Jobs vs Entrepreneurship

If you want to be an entrepreneur you should follow your surrounding situation a

Why Bangladeshi People and Government should think about next generation

Bangladesh is a beautiful country and the people here are too warm to meet.I fou

Take Time to Make A decision

I found many problem and indecision to take instant decision in my life. When i

Basic Accounting Concept

Accounting: accounting is an information system and this information is provide

Top 10 beverage companies in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a developing country and the population in Bangladesh are congenial for beverage business. In Bangladesh, there are more than 16,00,00...

Top Automobile Companies in Bangladesh

Automobile is a growing sector in Bangladesh. Private organization contributing in this sector in a praise-worthy way. However there are many organization in Bangladesh working on automobile sector. The most renowned...

Top Oil and gas companies in Bangladesh

1.Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation:Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) is a government agency in Bangladesh to import, distribute and market oil and petroleum products. Founded in 1976 by Presidential Ordinance.Co...

Top 10 Private Universities in Bangladesh

This list was categorized  asking more than 200 students who are currently studying in the private universities in Bangladesh.You(reader) can m...

The Importance of Financial Discipline in Bangladesh

A healthy financial sector is crucial for economic growth, especially for econom

Printing and Press Solution In Bangladesh

If you are thinking about your printing and press solution in Bangladesh than we

The Contribution of SmartphonesTowards e-commerce Industry

Technological trends of today have brought Smartphones right to the top of the l

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