UUJP Annual Conference 2022: 50 Years of Japan-Bangladesh Relationship and Opportunities for Future Collaboration

As being one of the most developed and safest countries on earth, Japan is a great place for entrepreneurship to rise. And since the nation has good relations with Bangladesh, it has opened up its economy to many Bangladeshi entrepreneurs already. During the past 50 years many Bangladeshis have successfully carried out businesses in and with Japan, and now they are sharing their adventurous journeys with us. 

On 10th February 2022, Japan - Bangladesh relationship reached 50 years. To celebrate this wonderful occasion we are holding an international conference (online) on July 02, 2022, where many established and emerging Bangladeshi entrepreneurs in Japan will be sharing their experiences with us. Japanese and Bangladeshi professors, researchers, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and youth leaders will share their knowledge and experiences to explore future opportunities from different perspectives. There will be following five plenary sessions to exchange knowledge and find out future opportunities:

Plenary Session 1: Japan-Bangladesh 50 Years Relationship

Plenary Session 2: SDGs and Entrepreneurship: Japan-Bangladesh Perspective

Plenary Session 3:Emerging Youth and Women Entrepreneurs (Entrepreneurial activity and their challenges)

Plenary Session 4: Story of Failures

Plenary Session 5: Startup Preparation for Japanese Market and Others

To build entrepreneurship there is no alternative to gathering knowledge about different aspects related to business. As we wish for more Bangladeshi entrepreneurship to flourish in and with Japan, our speakers and speeches are selected in such a way they are bound to help new and emerging entrepreneurs by providing relevant information. Around 30 speakers and resource persons will speak in those sessions who are holding remarkable positions in their career fields.

Target audience of this conference are existing and emerging entrepreneurs who are doing or willing to do entrepreneurial activities with Japan. University students or any other interested person who are willing to engage in Japan-Bangladesh economic or social development issues can join this conference to gather knowledge and establish network. We are expecting around 500 registration from around the world who are interested to work on the above theme. 

This conference is going to be organized by UDDOG O UDDOKTA JAPAN ASSOCIATION which is a registered non-profit organization in Japan. Our objective is to solve various social problems and to achieve SDGs through entrepreneurship activity. We provide Research, Training, and Consulting services. We believe that donation/charity can be helpful for one time, but the entrepreneurship model can be a sustainable way to solve any problem. We want to disseminate the Japanese experience of industry, culture, and economic success to other country’s people, especially among Bangladeshi people. We want to help foreign nationals in Japan to learn from Japanese entrepreneurial and social development experience so that they can use this knowledge in their home countries.  

This conference is going to be organized with the support of Toshiba International Foundation, Japan. 

To ensure your participation in this prodigious event you can register at the following link; this time there is no registration fee! All registered participants will get a participation certificate from the authority. 

Registration link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeIxnnQWcUdM9pG4bHrJ1mqGSebHScl5OP50IiPWdkjWnDkXw/viewform

Event Details: https://uddogouddokta.jp/annualconference2022

Queries: contact@uddogouddokta.jp

Written by: 

Tahmid Tazwar Khan

Intern (1st Intake), Uddog o Uddokta Japan Association, Japan 

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