Polkadot Unveils AI Chatbot PolkaBot to Counter ChatGPT

To educate users and the wider public about the DOT ecosystem, Polkadot has introduced Polkadot, a free AI chatbot. PolkaBot is a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool introduced by the Polkadot network protocol. AI. With the new tool, Polkadot is attempting to provide customers with an AI chatbot that can compete with well-known solutions like Google's Bard and OpenAI's ChatGPT.

Polkabot.ai is described as AI-powered education for the DOT ecosystem in an X post from Polkadot. The AI chatbot assists users in developing a deeper comprehension and awareness of the Polkadot ecosystem by utilizing models from NeuroWebAI and OriginTrail. The Polkabot.ai website is currently free to use for all interested parties.

There are an increasing number of chatbots driven by AI, such as the Polkadot tool. Samsung Electronics introduced Samsung Gauss, an AI tool, in November. Three components make up the AI tool: Samsung Gauss Image, Samsung Gauss Code, and Samsung Gauss Language. 

While Code is a tool that helps software engineers with coding, Language is a text-generative component meant to enhance job efficiency. Finally, users may create, modify, and convert low-quality photos to high-resolution images with Samsung Gauss Image. Shortly after Samsung unveiled Gauss, Amazon debuted Amazon Q, their own AI chatbot.

The Grok AI chatbot was also introduced by Elon Musk's xAI, and UberEats declared that it will be integrating an AI assistant into its app. The goal of Uber Eats' chatbot is to assist customers in reordering their favorite dishes and finding restaurant specials.

Polka Dots DOT token has increased by more than 7% during the previous seven days and is presently trading at $7.71. Despite the somewhat robust trade and the network's long-range strategies, such as Polkabot, there are some negative indicators on DOT's charts. Tony Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency analyst, said in an X post that an ascending wedge pattern that is bearish has emerged. 

According to the expert, DOT's price will drop if the ascending wedge is verified and will only reverse if it hits the wedge's peak. Although the expert did not provide specifics

Polkadot had a rocky start to the year, opening at about $8.2 before plunging. The asset's loss was mostly caused by ongoing liquidations as investors looked to recoup profits from the prior quarter. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved spot Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which was positive for the whole market and led to a rise in various tokens. DOT saw an increase of $9.35 as a result of the activities. The jubilation did not last long, though, as DOT ultimately ended January at about $6.

Polkadot's participation in the NFT market is sufficient justification for an optimistic view of the coin. Polkadot Assurance Legion and Code4rena announced last month that they would be collaborating to improve conventional security audit procedures. Furthermore, on February 6, the network generated 4,930 NFTs on average per minute, surpassing the rate of speedier platforms such as Polygon and Solana.

Polkadot might raise the price above $8 by leveraging these successes to draw in additional developers and investors. However, the price may return to $4 if the market's issues outweigh DOT's ability to withstand them.


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