Jobs vs Entrepreneurship

If you want to be an entrepreneur you should follow your surrounding situation and facilities. Entrepreneur could be from anywhere in the world. Example any entrepreneur could be from Bangladesh, United States, United Kingdom, Japan, and Australia and so on.
So in this regards your way of entrepreneurial thinking and application would be different from each other, based on country and people now how: if
anyone from developed country so their way of entrepreneurial application would be different than other developing or underdeveloped countries. Think my name is A and I am from a developed country now if I want to apply my entrepreneurial thinking than I can leave my job to work on my entrepreneurial thinking dedicatedly (you got me that I leave my job) how dare I was to leave my job ? The reason is that in developed countries there are many ways to get part-time job, jobless support from government and to find out any other job that will give you a support for your surviving, for this reason I can apply my dare attitude to leave the job. I have nothing to loose for my entrepreneurial practice mostly I have lost a job and I have a possibility to get another or anyway I will be able to survive.
If anyone from underdeveloped country their way of entrepreneurial application would be different from developed countries. Think my name is Y and I am from underdeveloped country now if I want to apply my entrepreneurial activity should I leave my job to work dedicatedly on my entrepreneurial practice? So what do you think? If I ask myself as an underdeveloped country people I think I should continue the job and with this I should practice my entrepreneurial activities. So life will be easier. As a people from underdeveloped country I can’t think that I will leave my job if I don’t have proper financial support. The reason behind this is in underdeveloped countries there is no available job, if you lost your job one time so it will be difficult for you to get another proper job. That time frustration could be come in your mind so think about the situation. That time you can lose your confidence about your entrepreneurial thinking. So it would be a great if you can continue your job whatever is the job and beside this you can practice your entrepreneurial thinking. If you have desire you will able to reach that position whatever be the position now you have.
Some points would be helpful:
*Think about your financial support from your family and country.
*Never leave the job for if you don’t have proper financial condition (mostly Asia) if you think you are getting more bux from you entrepreneurial activity than you can leave the job. It will be helpful for your relaxation and it’s very much important to be an entrepreneur.
*You can have many ideas but go one by one with your idea and don’t mix up all the ideas at a time take one idea and complete the idea than go for the next.
My main message is be cool and sound minded to be an entrepreneur don’t be more aggressive and instant decision maker be cool and slow and steady everything will be come in the right time.
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