Entrepreneurship Career Design: Unleash the Horizon

The Robert T. Huang Entrepreneurship Center of Kyushu University (QREC) organized eight special lectures to help the student think out of box. After the covid 19 pandemic, we are trying to reshape our world. Students have many concerns about their future careers as well as they are leaders for the future. To support the students at Kyushu University these special lectures are organized and invite lecturers from the real-life professional field. 

So that, students can learn something new out of a textbook. Among the eight lectures, one lectures was focused on entrepreneurial career design. Ms. Jahan Ruma Akhtar Shirin, CEO, Uddog o Uddokta, Bangladesh, delivered this lecture. Lecture titled as " Entrepreneurship Career Design: Unleash the Horizon" Students from the Bachelor, Master's, and Ph.D. joined this lecture. 

The objective of the lecture was "to design a future career with an entrepreneurial mindset by exploring the own ability and social needs of the surroundings keeping in mind the impact of the pandemic". She covered how we can identify our personal SWOT, how we can drive into deep to any issue by using 5WHYs method, how we can design SMART Goal and good action plans. Students also shared their views regarding their career vision, challenges they are afraid of, and their plans as well. 

Following this lecture Ms. Shirin also delivered another lecture at an open house event of the QREC on "Social Entrepreneurship". During this lecture she explained the social entrepreneurship journey in Bangladesh, she mentioned the social entrepreneurship/social business activities of BRAC, Grameen, and Uddog o Uddokta.

Students expressed their gratitude for this kind of sessions. 

Faculties also shared that they are interested to organise these kinds of lectures more in near future. The QREC was established as the backdrop of Kyushu University’s growing need to work systematically on entrepreneurship education that encourages students to challenge themselves to create new values, as well as MOT (Management of Technology) education, which shows students how they can transfer their research results and technologies into society’s benefits. "Uddog o Uddokta" is a social organization that works for solving social issues through entrepreneurship. 

It is started in 2012, and currently, they are working as registered social organizations in Bangladesh and Japan. Also working to expand activities worldwide by involving others who are interested to work for sustainable solutions to ensure a better world!

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