After nearly 30 years, Microsoft's keyboard changed, adding AI buttons

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After almost 30 years, Microsoft has brought a major change to its keyboard because it has a newly added artificial intelligence (AI) button. You can easily access Microsoft's AI tool 'CoPilot' using the button. But in this case, the new PC version of Windows 11 will be required.

Microsoft has invested heavily in OpenAI, which owns the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT. As a result, the mutual technical relationship between the two companies is also quite high. This has boosted Copilot's AI capabilities manifold. It essentially integrates AI into everyday applications like Microsoft 365 and Bing Search.

Similarly, a few years ago Microsoft's rival Apple added new options to the Siri button or Touch Bar in MacBooks. Things like searching, writing e-mails, and creating pictures can be done very easily using CoPilot.

In a blog post, Microsoft executive vice president Yusuf Mehdi called the new button a "transformational moment." He also compared it to the addition of the Windows button nearly 30 years ago.

It is expected from Microsoft that this will help simplify the use of the platforms while enhancing the user experience. Microsoft's new keyboards will be available with new products starting next February. Microsoft will showcase several products at the upcoming CES tech event, including the Copilot Key. It starts next week in Las Vegas.

CoPilot can be added to Office 365 products like Word, PowerPoint, and Teams to summarize meetings, write emails, and create presentations. It has also been added to the search engine Bing.

On the other hand, Professor John Tucker, a computer scientist at Swansea University, considers this new button attachment to be a very 'normal process'. Because Windows 11 users can easily use Copilot by pressing the Windows key plus the C button.

John Tucker thinks that Microsoft is giving special importance to Copilot by adding new buttons. It also has the potential to attract users to use it with all products.

Meanwhile, the world's most popular search engine Google has launched its chatbot Bird. However, Microsoft is still interested in investing in OpenAI. Copilot is primarily based on OpenAI's GPT-4 large language model.

Microsoft has absolute dominance in the world of the PC market. Windows is used by many brands including Lenovo, Dell, and HP.

According to research firm IDC, 82 percent of all desktop computers, laptops, and workstations use Windows. In that case, there is no doubt that this change of keyboard will be seen in a big way.

It has already been confirmed by Dell Technologies to add the copilot button to their new laptops. However, it is not yet confirmed which other brands are adding the button.

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