Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) Definition

CIF means cost, insurance and means seller/trader has to pay the cost

What does Forum mean ?

Forum means a place where one can ask a question and get an answer from a platfo

What is Sky Advertisement?

It is an advertisement, which is made by means of an aeroplane, when a specially

What is Mechanized Accounting?

Now a days technology is using every sector of our way of going and with this Ac

What is Materiality Constraint?

Materiality constraint is the constraint of determining whether an item is large

What is Manual Accounting?

Manual Accounting means what? It’s simple Accounting without the advantage of

What is Investment?

Investment is an activity that is engaged in by people who have saving. Investme

What is Product Cost ?

Product cost includes all the cost that are involved in acquiring or making a pr

What is World Wide Web?

World Wide Web is the best-known area of the internet. The web includes an • e

What is Word Processing?

Word processing is the production of letters, digits, papers, documents and so o

What is Watered Capital?

It refers to that portion of the share capital of a joint stock company. Which i

What is Wager Policy?

This is a kind of insurance policy in which the insured ‘does not have any ins

What is Speculation?

Speculation is the buying and selling of shares, securities, stocks and commodit

What is Software?

The second important part of as computer is software. Software is a series of in

What is Statutory Company?

A company incorporated by a special.Act of the legislature is called a statutory

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