Highest Tax Payer Companies in Bangladesh

As per The National Board of Revenue (NBR) there are 10 highest taxpayers compan

Grameenphone International Roaming services

GP International Roaming:In March 1999, Grameenphone introduced this premium ser

Exportable Items From Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an agro based country. Bangladesh has many potential agro based it

Highest Paid Salary Provoder Companies in Bangladesh

There are many companies in Bangladesh who are providing so so salary to their e

Cost Accounting Recording System and Chart

If you want to do cost accounting recording system than following chart will be

Bangladeshi Articles Sharing Site

Hello everyone now I will discuss about article sharing site in Bangladesh. Now

Is Jute is Biodegradable?

biodegradable as those materials with the capacity to decompose under natural co

What is Advice Note?

Advice note is a written communication informing that a particular transaction h

What Does Product Analyst Means?

Product Analyst:The work of a product analyst plays an integral role in the begi

Uses of Technology in Modern Communication

Now a day’s Technology in modern communication is too much important because a

What is Uberrimae Fidei (utmost good faith)?

Uberrimae fidei is a Latin phrase it denotes absolute or utmost good faith. The

Travelling Places at Satkhira in Bangladesh

Satkhira is really a beautiful place. There are many visiting place in Satkhira.

Popular entrepreneurs in Sweden

Sweden is a beautiful country in Europe. This country is beautiful to look and g

Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Dhaka Capital city of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a developing country and also business potential country. Here in

What is Single or Output Costing ?

Industries which produce only a single uniform product or a very small number of

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