Success is not an Accident! - 5 ways to make it happen

Accident happens to a lot of us, but no one in the history of mankind became successful by having an accident. In this article you will find out that success is not an accident and 5 ways you can ensure that it will happen.

"No matter who you are, your progress and success in life will depend, more than any other factor, on how you invest the twenty-four hours you’re blessed with each day." - Newberry, Tommy

First, let's look at the definition of success. According to - success is the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one's goals. So, in order to be successful you will need to have a goal and a set of attempts to achieve that goal.

This is why a person winning a lottery won't be recognized as being successful. It's obvious that winning a lottery was a mere incidence and it won't make one successful. So what makes a person successful in life?

Definitely making money, lots of money is not a criteria to be successful. Human being is more than a money making machine. You need to have a goal that will make things and lives better. Your's and everyone else surrounding you. Because in the end money is the last thing that will matter and the lives that you changed will be the success that you will take further.

Now, what are the ways to make it happen? Make success happen?

Set The Right Goal

According to the definition of success you need to have a goal to accomplish. More appropriate would be - you need to have the right goal to accomplish. Surely there are many goals in a persons life. But not all of them will be considered as a right goal. So you will need to set your priorities. And set the right goal. A person running here and there, jumping from one project to another won't be able to reach any of them. So, you need to set the right goal before even starting your journey.

Take Tiny Steps

Having a big idea is a must. But to execute that you need to take tiny steps. This is a trait that all successful people have in common. Starting small will not only help to make things happen but will also align your path in the process and you will be able to visualize your every step. If you read the biographies of the successful people in the world, you will notice that their idea was huge but the started very small to execute that. Breaking your idea into small actionable steps will take you a boost in achieving your goal.

Do Not Wait For A Certificate

Forget about the traditional process. You don't need a certificate to achieve you goals. Certificate is just a piece of paper with an expiry date. Don't wait for that. Start executing your dream straight away. The one thing that holds you back from becoming successful is your own efforts. You can make it happen, and no one in the history has ever required a certificate to become successful

Search For Inspiration

Inspiration is what changes the world. It changes everything. It makes great things come into existence. So, search out for inspirations. It will give you an instant boost in achieving your goal. Read books, biographies and search for inspiration. It will make you more energetic and confident in achieving your goal.

Work Super Hard

Lastly, work. Work super hard. Work like it's oxygen. Be a workaholic. If you don't work super hard, you won't be able to reach your goals. The most noticeable difference between a typical Elon and Elon musk is super hard work. When you will work an extra ten hours a week you will have 350 days in a year. It's really what will differentiate you from an ordinary. Remember successful people ain't works or thinks like the ordinary. So think outside the box and work super hard.

Success may have different definitions to different people. But one thing is common to all - make the world a better place. So don't just run after money. Work for the betterment of lives and people. Because winning a lottery will not change the world or the people around you. What you do and how you put efforts will make the changes.

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