5 tips for selling bodybuilding supplements

Are you trying to pump up the sales of your body building supplements? Then get to work on these five tips for becoming a power seller!

  1. Know the top selling supplements.  A quick search on Google will pull up some of the highest grossing sellers.  However, be sure to look at several websites because many articles will be cleverly disguised ads aimed at selling you a certain company’s product.
  2. Go to your customers and don’t wait for them to come to you.  If you’re a personal trainer, you’re already living the dream, but for the rest of us this may mean doing a little research.  Check out upcoming events in your area, and think about setting up concessions at events involving physical strength and stamina.  You can also make deals with gyms to sell your product, but be ready for hefty concession fees. 
  3. Get fitness and bodybuilding bloggers to link to your website.  This doesn’t always require money, and if you already have a professional-looking website some bloggers will be willing to work a reciprocal deal if you place their link on yours.
  4. Market the right product during the right season.  During football season many local youths look to protein powders and supplements that bulk them up.  If you have a marathon that occurs in your area, energy supplements will often become a big seller in the months leading up to the event.  Get to know the activities in your area and market accordingly.
  5. Know your product. This can’t be stressed enough. Most body builders spend hours in the gym each week, and sometimes as much time researching supplements. Don’t be caught out claiming that Creatine burns fat or that Hydroxycut creates muscle. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re likely to lose customers.

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