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Benefits for Jobseekers

When you look for a job. We can help you get acquainted with various reputed companies. Not only that, we can ensure that you get recruited by the most suitable organization where you can utilize your full potential. We achieve this by forming a nexus with diverse firms to guarantee your success. So, before we get started, you would have to fill up our available online CV template(s) with necessary information. This would help us to store your credential in our database in order for us to get back to it whenever a favorable opportunity emerges for you. Because When our client gives us Job Description (JD) in our hand for process recruitment. We search our own database first. Our expert access CV's & given scores to your profile (like 8 point out of 10 point)

Our Service

  •  CV/ Resume Writing Service
  •  Carrier Counseling
  •  Interview Preparation guideline
  •  Skill Development Training

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For Employers
Importance of Recruitment Agencies

For an employer, the use of recruitment agencies to fill up a position cannot be stressed enough. As staffing agencies provide suitable employees to fill up the vacant position of an organization without putting too much pressure on the company itself. By doing this, only applicants who meet all the criteria visit the office for work without wasting time. At the initial stage, recruitment agencies carry out screening and testing to check whether a candidate is proficient enough to handle the job. Background is also checked along the way. Recruitment agencies also help hire short-term workers to help the main organization not drain its administrative resources.

Employers now prefer recruitment agencies because they want to relieve pressure from their HR departments due to the frustration of going through all the CVs and conduct long interviews that might take weeks or a month. This process also causes unnecessary distractions to the HR departments from carrying out other important tasks that are immensely beneficial to the organization itself.

The condensed version of the phases for employee recruitment by Unijobs Bangladesh are provided below:

  •  Identifying an organization's requirement.
  •  Making a deal with the company.
  •  Preparing a recruitment strategy.
  •  Finding applicants from existing database or other sources.
  •  Screening and testing.
  •  Conducting 1st interview (By Unijobs Bangladesh).
  •  Submitting a report on the candidates to the client company based on the initial interview.
  •  Arranging the 2nd interview with between the chosen candidates and the client company.
  •  Helping in the negotiation between the client and the applicant.
  •  Handing of the appointment letter.
  •  Following up and taking feedback from both the client and the selected employee.

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Recruitment Services Provided by Unijobs Bangladesh

At Unijobs Bangladesh, we are ready to assist you in the recruitment of people holding different positions within an organization. Also, we are able to provide you with personnel under different payrolls.

Here at Unijobs Bangladesh, we help you hire:

Top Management Personnel:

You need a high tier of individuals in your organization who have a substantial amount of capabilities to run the business. From developing new business plan to create new company policy. They would do it all. They are also well versed in management and can definitely reach a new height in corporate culture. We have an extensive network with these high-class specialists who would be able to run your company smoothly and tension free. At this category, we provide officials against the post of CEO, CFO, COO, CTO, CD, Head of the Departments (HR, Marketing. Sales, Retail, Distribution) and etc.

Mid Management Personnel:

We help our client recruit these people by utilizing our established guidelines which involves some rigorous phases. We conduct a series of extensive interviews to get a better assessment of our applicants’ strengths and weaknesses. We also provide them with advice where there is a provision for improvement. Some positions to be satisfied under this category are: Put relevant designations.

Uncertified Manpower Supply (UMS):

This is a brand-new concept altogether and we are pretty sure that no other recruitment agency thought of this sooner. The aim of this facility is to supply day-labors, garments workers, community health care workers, drivers and etc. with detailed information. From now on, there is no need to seek out manpower from remote areas. Everything will be available online.

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Uncertified Manpower Supply (UMS)

A brand-new concept never thought of. To assuage the penury of those lost souls out there whose day begins with unimaginable qualms. This favor is granted to those who do not know whether or not their entire day would be wasted on the pursuit of a temporary livelihood. Once in a while, our soulless gaze may cast upon them at the crack of dawn, only to catch a glimpse of their weathered face stricken by the obligation for the survival of their loved ones just another day. They probably neither seem to give a second thought of their past, nor do they enliven about what their future holds. They care about just one thing and one thing only, which is temporary sustenance.

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