Fresher(Landing the perfect interview)

Fresher(Landing the perfect interview)
So, you are a fresher, right?? You just graduated very recently and do not have work experience whatsoever. You feel like the entire weight of the world is on your shoulders. No reputed organization is going to hire you because it will have to teach you about all the rules, regulations, paperwork and etc. all over again and make you competent enough to carry out day to day activities. Honestly speaking, who does not like a readymade pancake instilled with yummy flavors (guaranteed I tell you) when he has to invest all his efforts and resources to make something that may or may not satisfy his need? The world is materialistic. Nothing comes easy. On top of that, everything has a price tag on it! With that being said, the first and foremost advice we can give you right now is to never become a liability and furnish yourself to be a top-quality product (You heard this right, we are not treating you like a person here!) that everyone demands and would go an extra mile to acquire.

Let us guess, now you ask yourself how you would transform yourself into a valued commodity for the job market when you do not possess any professional knowledge to begin with. You might blame us about this point for being too harsh in our message earlier and we do apologize for that, but we believe one way to make you strong and capable for your upcoming struggles is to feed you with cold hard facts. Trust us, we are not going to just leave you stranded in the middle of an ocean, all alone in the dark, crying for help. Since you have read this far, we should assume you have one element of surprise working for you. You do have the guts to move forward! Let us tell you something, when there is a will, there is a way. So, enough with the beating around the bush! Let us first identify the barriers between you and your goal (your dream job). The two main obstructions we find necessary to include here are:

1. Composing the CV in such a way to help make the best initial impression to your potential employer.
2. Facing and conquering the daunting interview to leave a memorable mark to your potential employer's psyche.

1. Making an Excellent CV with limited credentials:
For preparing an excellent CV, we have some format(s) along with instructions in our website. Please refer to the link: and create a CV based on your field of expertise.
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