Story From Zero To Hero - Pathao Owners - 100 million usd or 820 crore Taka company from zero in 3 years

Written By:Yakub CEO Conveyor Express-GreenCourier

Even Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook, Jack Ma of Alibaba, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, did not get such success in 3 years. (Though they were in the different critical situation). This is a unique record from Bangladesh, we can be proud of. If it was in any other country there would be a flood of publicity. Why is Bangladesh so miser in appreciation? This story is for them who say there is no opportunity in Bangladesh,  business is not possible without investment and it is not possible to earn crore being honest. Three young boys of Bangladesh running Pathao, a 100 million USD or 820 crore taka company, that they started 3 years before without capital and they did everything honestly and ethically. In 2015 three friends formed Pathao with three bicycles to deliver products. Three friends are 1. Hussain M Elius, North South University 2. Shifat Adnan, RUET Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology 3. Fahim Saleh, Bently University, USA Within very short time they added motorbike ride-sharing service by an APP. They did so well that foreign investors invested in their company. Thus Pathao now becomes a 100 million USD or 820 crore taka company.

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