Because of CoronaVirus Bangladeshi Landlord started Waiver home rent for tenant - Good Initiative

Coronavirus spreading in an epidemic way and for Dhaka o my god. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Can you imagine how dangerous it would be? for Bangladeshi people, mostly who are living in the capital Dhaka.

If the capital is shut down, most of the people have to stay at home without going outside. Life balance will be in trouble. 

In this crucial situation, many landlords from Dhaka started raising their helping hand wavering home rent from their tenants. Some of them reduce the home rent from the tenant which is so appreciated and it could be an example across the world how Bangladeshi people help each other during the crisis situation. Respect to the all landlord who have taken this initiative and Bangladeshi people will ever remember it.

Being  Bangladeshi I am really feeling proud and this is what we expect from Bangladeshi people. Politics and politicians are dirty scenarios for Bangladesh and we are very unfortunate for that. 

Forgetting this let's help each other in this situation and become an example in the world. 


Thank you 

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