Drawing textures in The Foundry Mari version 4.0

I 'm telling you about a great tool for drawing textures Mari version 4.0, which was developed by the famous Weta Digital Company from New Zealand and now occupied by Foundary. This program specializes exclusively only for texturing 3D models created in MudBoxZBrush3ds MaxAutodesk Maya, Blender and others.

We know that Autodesk MAX and Maya has tools for drawing textures, but The Foundry Mari version 4.0 supports up to several thousand high-resolution textures, fast work, great visualization capabilities, cool brushes or brushes, animations and animated textures.

In favor of this super program there is a big argument. Textures in the films District 9, The Lovely Bones and Avatar (Avatar, but here in Porno Avatar was not exactly drawn here) were drawn in this program. The cost of this program is about $599 for individual subscription. Although, on the Internet I have already seen free trial version of the program which is great and you can try also to wet your feet.I advise you to download this program and try it in action. If you already learned how to do everything in other programs, you can ignore it.

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