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LI Wine Divas started Long Island Wine Tours too many years ago. Since we are providing wine tour in Long Island NY, our clients continuously enjoying our excellent services and happy tours. Our customers are always relaxed and enjoy the beautiful landscape while Li Divas do the driving.

 Whatever may be your location, we will pick up you with our luxurious vehicle and safely drive throughout the wineries. Specializing in both large and small group tours, our personalized service will help you to plan your long island wine tour. Li Divas share it’s passion, expertise and knowledge with each customer to create unforgettable moments.

Li Wine Divas is the best, where you’ll experience the best long island wine tours with our expert tour guides on a Long Island Wine Tour. Sit back and enjoy the ride in any of our luxurious limousines. Your limo driver can take you to some of the best wineries in the region, where you will be able to sample the latest wines well as watch how the wine is made.

Visit Li Wine Divas, Let’s us guide you towards the perfect way to relax with others or just escape with a glass of fine wine.

People always prefer wine tour for particular occasions like birthday party, wedding anniversary or many others. Some people wants to escape the city for some time and enjoy stress-free, relaxed life. Wine tours provide lots of information/knowledge about wine and its preparation. Some youngsters enjoy their bachelorette party in beautiful vineyards.

For over 19 years Li Wine Divas has been recognized as dependable and professional Limousine company to deliver finest guided wine tours Long Island. Li Wine Divas believe that there is no substitute for individual knowledge and experience which enables us to deliver a truly personal service to all our  customers. Li Divas provide unrivalled customer service with a friendly and personal approach.

While wine tour every aspects of wine making process is explained. From cultivation of grapes, it’s fermentation to bottling etc…Enjoy your wine tour with LI Wine Divas to make it indelible. Leave all arrangements to us. We offer very luxurious, and well-spacious vehicles for you.

Li Wine Divas offer authentic and unique opportunities throughout the leading wine regions. Our tours are always guided by well experienced chauffeurs and well maintained fleet.

Li Wine Divas ensure that your wine tour experience with us exceeds your expectations by demanding quality, service and value without cutting corners and offer competitive rates for groups and unique, memorable experiences for all.

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Author Bio:LI Divas wine tours is the perfect Long Island wine tours. LI Diva’s wine tours provide variety of lunch options including boxed lunches, gourmet sandwich platters, Cheese Platters in NYC wine tours. LI Diva’s wine tours provide the best service across New York for Bachelor parties, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and corporate Events.

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