How to develop a bike taxi software

The advent of smartphone applications has been continuously revolutionizing on-demand service industries. One of the major sectors that has gotten impacted is transportation. After cab services were made more accessible with mobile software, there was plenty of opportunity to turn two wheelers into bike taxis. The idea drove upcoming entrepreneurs to venture into developing a bike aggregating application that commuters can effortlessly use.

What is a bike taxi? A bike taxi software is an application that commuters, riders and administrators can use to avail rides, cater rides and manage rides. It offers transportation services to commuters by picking them up from where they are and dropping them at the locations they specify on two wheels. The software furthermore contains several features that makes it easy for all the three users to utilize the application.
Why it’s a favorite among customers? The convenience that bike taxis offer is unlike regular cab services. By hiring bike taxis, single customers can get to where they need to go much faster. Moreover, ride fares are inexpensive. It is especially a great substitute to being crammed in between suffocating crowds in public transportation services. All customers have to do is perform a couple of easy swipes and taps, and they will have a rider waiting to pick them up wherever they are.

The salient features that bike taxis contain : Finding and hiring a bike taxi is a simple process. The convenient features that its smartphone application offers makes booking a bike taxi a hassle-free task. It includes
  • Profile creation
  • GPS real-time tracking
  • Fare estimate
  • Multiple payment options
  • Feedback system and more

If you’re looking for the best bike taxi software, then AppDupe has the best solutions. Their scripts are reliable, bug-free and easy-to-understand. Start building your bike taxi app today and generate a sizeable revenue. Contact them to know more.

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