Inlingua Virtual Classroom program: A robust take over conventional mode of learning

The digital tornado and advancement in technology has made everything simpler and robust than ever. It has permeated almost all the spheres of our life. In the wake of this revolution, inlingua New Delhi, one of the most distinguished language schools in Delhi has come up with an Ed-tech feature for its students. The institute is all set to start a virtual classroom program for its students and other language learners.

A stark juxtaposition to the conventional mode of learning, inlingua Virtual Classroom Program is based on the concept of ‘bringing classroom to students’ instead of making students come to the class. Cutting down on the time constraints, issues related to infrastructure and geographical barriers, the program allows you to flexibly do your language exercises online, wherever you are.

The virtual classroom program has been designed specially to ensure a seamless learning experience. It will feature a number of interactive activities apart from live online classes with inlingua New Delhi faculty.

Facilitating learning even when the students are not in the class, inlingua virtual classroom program will transform the traditional classroom setup into an online, self-driven system of learning. Being more advanced, it is sure to offer a multitude of convenience to the learners.

Along with enhancing the learning experience, the virtual classes program aims at creating a community of tech-savvy language learners. On being asked about the inlingua virtual classroom program, MD Vikram Bajaj stated that the institute will roll out the program soon. It is aimed at bridging the gap between a potential language learner and the obstacles that lie in the path of learning.

Further explaining the motive behind this program, Mr bajaj highlighted that a large number of students in India are unable to access educational facilities due to the busy schedule of the millennials. They find it hard to take time out for commuting to classes on a regular basis. This makes classroom learning a tough task for such students. Eliminating such issues, the virtual classroom program will ensure easy, fun and interactive learning experience to the students.

Certainly, this transition from the conventional to digital mode of learning by inlingua New Delhi will prove to be highly beneficial for language learners. Along with enhancing the access, it is sure to widen the horizon of online learning in the country.





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