What is Garment?


A Garment should either be a Tops or bottoms. Now how will you identify tops and bottoms? If you mark a human body so the navel point will be the key. The upper part of the navel will be Tops and underneath part of the navel will be the bottoms. If it is Garment these two have to be constant.


Tops should have 3 features that would be treated as tops. They are:

1. Head Consideration.

2. Two Hands Consideration.

3. Cover the bust area. Here the bust word comes from the breast. Bust means the upper part of the chest.



Bottoms should remain in the following feature:

1.Waist consideration.

2.Legs Consideration.

3. Cover the Heap Area.

These are the features that should have to remain in it is Garment.

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