What is a black fungus infection and why? How is it treated and what can be done to prevent infection?

There are reports that the number of patients infected with black fungus is increasing with the coronavirus infection. This is happening more and more in India and doctors there are reporting that this black fungus infection is creating new concerns amid a massive increase in coronavirus infections.

After recovering from the coronavirus infection, many people are being hospitalized with the deadly fungus and the number of such cases is increasing day by day.

Doctors believe that when a person's immune system is weakened due to the covid virus if the person is infected with a black fungus infection, it can create a risk of death in an instant.

To address the situation, the Indian government has given permission to one of its companies to develop anti-fungal drugs to prevent the spread of the fungus. Experts say such problems could create new crises in the post-Corona period, which they call post-covid or long-covid problems.

Why is black fungus?
Mushtaq Hossain, a public health expert in Bangladesh, says that the use of extra steroids in the treatment of coronavirus can lead to later 'mucormycosis' or similar black fungal infections.

He said that the doctor can give all the necessary medicines considering the condition of the patient. But still, be careful. You also need to look at what kind of medicine the World Health Organization has prescribed. "Scientists' advice should be heeded. Otherwise, such fungal infections could become a major problem in the future," he said.

Patients who are going to the ICU often have to take steroids, or even before that the doctor may feel the need to use them. But the problem is that this steroid can later cause fungal infections or fungal infections. "So there is no substitute for caution in these matters," he commented.

Citing Indian doctors, the media there also say that patients in the ICU are more likely to have problems with mucormycosis or black fungus infection. Coronavirus patients, in particular, have a higher risk of contracting the disease, such as diabetes, cancer, or heart disease.

What exactly is a black fungus infection?
Lelin Chowdhury, a public health expert, and physician, said there could be many types of infections in the human body - and these could be from bacteria, viruses, or fungi. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the body start these infections when the immune system is weakened and that is why this tendency is more likely to occur after covid.

"There is no end to the symptoms and effects of the corona," he said. Related problems are now called long covid or long covid.
"In other words, even if the coronavirus is cured, many new problems can occur. Fungus infection is one of them."
This doctor said that black fungus infection can occur in various parts of the body including blood, skin, mouth, nails and it is usually possible to identify it through a blood test.

What are the symptoms, who are more affected:
Anyone infected with the coronavirus, or those with low immunity - are at higher risk of contracting such an infection. Regarding the symptoms of black fungus infection, many Indian doctors say that they have a number of symptoms including burning eyes, stuffy nose, fever, and poor eyesight.

In patients with coronavirus, the fungus attacks the lungs easily because the lungs are weak. Then it spreads slowly throughout the body, causing the patient to die. Indian media reports that many such patients have been found in Gujarat and Delhi in recent times.

Nasal congestion, swelling of the eyes or cheeks may be the first signs of a black fungus infection. In addition, Indian doctors have advised starting a biopsy or examination immediately if anything black comes out of the nose.

Lelin Chowdhury of Bangladesh thinks that it is possible to reduce the risk by detecting the fungus infection quickly and applying for the medicine. "Bangladesh has enough medicine to treat this disease. Therefore, it is important to seek medical advice immediately if you have any post-covid complications without worrying about it."

Symptoms of Black Fungus Infection: 
There can be many types of symptoms. In the case of Corona, I am only talking about nose-mouth and lung infections
.Nasal congestion
·Inside the nose, black inflammation of the face.
·Black blood coming out of the nose.
·Swelling on one side of the face, numbness.
·Having trouble seeing.
·Shortness of breath.
·Chest pain.
·Fever and cough.

How to avoid black fungus:
Since the disease is currently infecting corona sufferers Also-
·Keep diabetes under control.
·Use masks especially in places full of dust and sand.
·Refrain from taking any type of steroid without consulting a doctor.
·Stay clean.
·Take care of the face. Brush, use mouthwash.
·If you have covid and see the above symptoms, do not panic and tell the doctor. Remember (shortness of breath, chest pain, fever, and cough) these symptoms are also seen in Corona.
·Rotten bread, fruits, vegetables, etc. contain various fungi. Don't leave them where they are.
·Keep the fridge clean.
·Those who have coronary heart disease and diabetes should be especially careful. Use gloves when working with soil (such as gardening) and clean well after work.

What not to do:
·Do not neglect any symptoms on the nose and face.
·Don't panic if symptoms appear.
·No medicine can be taken without the advice of a doctor.
·Do not go for Kabiraji or homeopathy national treatment.
·Do not delay in doing the tests that will be needed.
·If your doctor is sure that you have this disease, do not neglect to start treatment quickly.

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