What are the best ways to find out about hidden cameras in hotel rooms?

The hidden camera hidden in the hotel room does not give any clue as to when offensive pictures or videos of women are being taken. And these cameras are hidden in places that are mostly used by women but in places where no camera is easily seen. Due to which women have to be victims of crime without their knowledge, it may be an incident like blackmail. Now let's find out if there is a hidden camera in the hotel room.

1. First of all, the glass installed in the bathroom should be examined thoroughly. Try placing a finger on the glass. If you see that there is a small distance between the finger placed on the glass and the reflection of the finger seen in the mirror, then you will understand that everything is fine. But if there is no distance between the finger placed on the mirror and its reflection, then there must be some manipulation in this case! Someone may have hidden the camera behind the mirror!


2. When you go to the hotel, you should first look at the essentials used by the hotel, such as your bed, TV, remote, AC, bathroom fountain, shoes, inside the router, bulb, and even a pen, because the camera can be easily hidden in them. Be careful if there are any unnecessary items. Check the camera inside the router.


3. You can install the Hidden Camera app from the Play Store. This app is also very easy to use. After installing and opening the Hidden Camera Detector app on your phone, first, click on the DETECT INFRARED CAMERA option. Now you turn off all the lights in the house. Scan the entire house once using your mobile. If there is an infrared light then you can see the picture like a dot in it.



4. Make a phone call. Surveillance cameras can cause problems with a steady sound or signal when calling from a close range. Don't forget to walk around the room and notice that if you notice a problem in a particular place, check everything carefully.

5. Clicking on the MAGNETOMETER SCANNING option of the Hidden Camera will show a round circle on the screen and a straight green line at the bottom will continue uninterrupted. Below this line will be written in a line that there is no camera or microphone. Scan the whole house once. If there is nothing, the green line will continue straight. Whenever a camera or microphone signal is received, the line is immediately drawn. Again when the camera is detected the line will turn red and the detector will start beeping.


6. You can take a metal detector with you if you want. And now there are many phones whose hardware can do metal detectors. You can see it in the Play Store. Metal Detector Apps on Google Play And yes, get to know a hotel well before you go. How is their security system or if there has been any problem before.

The human eye can see waves up to 700 nanometers with the naked eye, but silicon-based sensors can see waves of 1000 or more lengths. That's why they are caught with the camera. Smartphones usually have a magnetometer to operate the compass. With that, the phone can detect the magnetic field.

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