Uses of Technology in Modern Communication


Nowadays, Technology in modern communication is too important because all the worlds are dependent on Technology. Technology in Modern Communication is needed for decision making, coordination, control, implementation, and planning Communication is required for processing information in the accounting department and all other required departments.

Finance department, personnel department, the establishment of public relations, sales department, market research, production department, purchase department, etc. Communication with the government, shareholders and prospective investors, customers, etc. is also required for the day to day functioning of the business concern.

The conventional process of communication is not sufficient to meet the multidimensional needs of business enterprises. So, the need for modern communication technology emerges to meet the desired need of modern business enterprises. By using modern technology it is easy to reach one another rapidly even though within a second. 

Worldwide communication has been facilitated by the electronic transmission of data which connects individuals, regardless of geographic location, almost instantly. Modern communication technology depends upon a computer which is a device made up of electronic and electromagnetically components. 

A successful organization needs the approach to management, coupled with the ability to effectively participate in the analysis, design, implementation, development, and utilization of computer-based system information. Modern business uses Management Information System (MIS) to provide informational support to the managerial functions of an organization. 

An MIS is an automated system that presents information, both internal and external to the business that aids in making specific sets of routine decisions. There are a number of communication channels representing both the wide range of possible uses of data communication and the various new technologies in the communication industry.

Examples of such technologies are —telephone lines, switched lines, coaxial cables, optical, fiber transmission, microwave transmission, infrared transmission, laser transmission, radio transmission, satellite transmission, etc. Oral or voice media in electronic forms includes—voice mail, audiotape and videotape, teleconferencing and video conferencing, ‘close circuit television, instant message, etc. 

Written media in electronic forms include—e-mail, faxing, computer conferencing groupware), web sites, etc. Samuel Green guard states that new technologies are changing not only the way we communicate but also the way we Work. The use of the Internet and other technologies such as e-mail, voice mail, faxes, etc. introduce. Effective organizational communication for business enterprises faces communication challenges as a result of these new technologies. 

Business enterprises are also interested to have these modern technologies for their day to day business. Communication appears as a matter of a few seconds. Now we can use the internet which is accessible to individuals, companies, educational institutions, government agencies, and other institutions all over the world. 

It links thousands of smaller computer networks and millions of individual computer users at home and abroad. The most widely used of the internet is the World Wide Web (WWW) which enables the users to search for graphics, text, audio, and video files. The subscribes need web browser software such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft’s Internet Explorer- to search WebPages. 

The homepage of the website is the primary screen user’s first access while visiting a site. Each page on a website is identified by a unique address known as Uniform Resources Locator (URL). If you just go to any search engine and just write down what you want to know you will get each and every answer whatever you require. Technology is one of the major ways to explore your business within minimum time.

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