Top ten most visited natural tourist place in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country full of color. It is renowned as the darling child of nature. It is blessed with many natural beauties because it has a moderate climate. Bangladesh's natural tourist appeals include beaches, forests, hills, and wildlife of various species. Bangladesh provides enough opportunities to tourists for angling, water skiing, river cruising, hiking, rowing, yachting, sea bathing, and so on. In the south-eastern part, where Chittagong Division is situated, there are natural areas like Cox’s Bazar, Saint Martins, Chittagong Hill Tracts, Rangamati, Bandarban and Khagrachari.

In the south-western part, where Khulna Division is situated, there are natural beauties like Sundarbans and Kuakata. In the north-eastern part, the Sylhet division, there are natural places like Sunamganj and Sylhet. The list of top ten most visited natural tourist place in Bangladesh is given below:

1.Cox’s Bazar:

Cox’s Bazar is the world's longest sea beach. It has a line of mountains. This beach is always appealing in the tourism world. Most of the tourists plan to visit Cox’s Bazar. Cox’s Bazar has hundreds of world class international five-star residential hotels.  It has 155 km of longest awesome sea Beach of Bay Of Bengal Sea in Bangladesh. It also has Himchari National Park, Aggmeda Khyang, Ramu, Inani Beach, and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park for visitors.

2. St. Martin's Island:

Saint Martin’s is one of the most naturally beautiful places in Bangladesh. It is a great fascination for tourists. Thousands of people from the country and abroad visit this beautiful tourist place daily. It is a small island in the northeastern part of the Bay of Bengal and forms the southernmost part of Bangladesh. There is a small adjoining island that is separated at high tide, called Chera Dwip. It is the only coral island in Bangladesh which has a huge amount of coral, a special type of Algae.


It is another attractive natural place in Bangladesh. This district's name is Rangamati because of its red soil. There are many natural tourists’ places such as Subhalang Hill, Capital Lake, Hanging Bridge, Peda ting ting, Echo village, and so on. Thousands of tourists are visiting this beautiful place daily to enjoy the natural beauty of Rangamati.


It is another fascinating natural place in Bangladesh. It is a hilly district like Rangamati in the country. It has many beautiful tourist spots such as Tajindong, Keokradong, Nilgiri, Nilachal, Boga Lake, Chimbuk hill, Meghla Tourist complex, and so on. Many tourists are visiting this attractive place daily to enjoy the natural beauty of this place.


It is the most eastern district and a wonderful natural tourist place in Bangladesh. There are many amazing places that can satisfy the mind of the tourist. The best tourist places in Khagrachori are Arya Banbihar Pagoda, Manikchori, Alutila, Dighinala, Ramgarh, and so on.


It is the largest mangrove forest in the world. It is one of the best tourist destinations for people who like forests and wild animals. It is one of the top attractive natural tourist places in Bangladesh. It is also the biggest natural forest in the country. The Royal Bengal Tigers are only shown in this forest around the world. The Chitra horin, a special type of deer, lives in this mangrove forest.


It is the business capital and port city of Bangladesh. There are many wonderful places which can take the mind of the tourist. The most attractive places in Chittagong are Potenga sea beach, Foye’s Lake, Bashkhali Eco Park, Sitakundo Eco Park, and so on.

8. Sylhet:

It is another wonderful natural location in Bangladesh. There are many large hilly tea gardens in Sylhet. It is another hilly district in Bangladesh. The most fascinating places in Sylhet are the Madhabkunda waterfall and Jaflong.


Kuakata is the place where tourists can see the sunrise and sunset at the same place. It is in the Patuakhali district in Bangladesh. It is situated on the edge of the sea of Bay of Bengal. There are an 18 kilometers sea beach in Kuakata and it is one of the largest beautiful sea beaches in the world.


Sunamganj is renowned for having ‘Tanguar Haor’ which is one of the most beautiful places in Bangladesh. Tanguar Haor is about 100 square kilometers wetland and it has a large number of species of animals. In winter, it shows a wonderful pace for presenting foreign birds.

Bangladesh has a great chance to be an attractive tourist destination. But the country could not keep pace with the global tourism trend because of a lack of proper efforts and has failed to exploit its tourism potential. The government has taken some proper steps to solve this problem. But the government cannot solve this problem alone. We, the people of Bangladesh should come forward to promote our natural beauties.

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