Top Ten Famous Sweets of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of sweets. There are many kinds of sweets (in Bangla called ‘misti) in its 64 districts. The sweets outside of its capital city Dhaka are even more famous. It is a part of any celebration be it a wedding, birthday, exam results, getting a new job, a big improvement in any business, the birth of a child, etc. In Bangladeshi culture, Any good news must be accompanied by a packet of sweets.

In this post, we have tried to write about 10 famous sweets in Bangladesh. If you are a foreigner living in the country or planning to visit here then you must taste them. You will not find some of them in any other country in the world not even in India.

Tangail Chomchom:

Tangail is famous for Chomchom sweet. From the reign of British rule in the Indian subcontinent, this sweet has become very popular in all parts of Bangladesh. If you have experience of this taste of sweet, your mouth might be filled with water.  The king of sweets is Chomchom.


It’s delicious taste and sweet scent is special that other sweets can not be compared with it. Due to sweet streaming water through the Dhaleshwari river, fresh milk creates this standalone taste and looks. It looks deep brown and reddish. Its outer side is consolidated but the core part is filled with juice.

Rajbari Chomchom:

When it comes to Chomchom, normally the name of Tangail comes. However, Rajbari can easily compete in this regard. Its Chom Chom is very delicious but has not got that much fame. The main reason is that Rajbari is a bit far from the capital Dhaka and there is no direct bus or rail communication (you have to pass the mighty Padma river in ferry). As a result, it takes a lot of time to go there. Anyway, if you visit Rajbari then never forget to try this sweet.

Jamtolar Rosogolla of Jessore:

Jessore is one of the beautiful districts in Bangladesh and this place is famous for different types of sweet. “Jamtolar Rosogolla” is one of the main sweets here. Jamtola is a small town beside Jessore. It is not like a city, It’s called Jamtola Bazar. Jamtola is famous for sweets and Rosogolla is one of them.

The history of this sweet is very old. Many people told many stories about it. History is not important. The most important thing is its taste. It tastes very sweet and has a very good smell. When you enter it in your mouth, you fill a different test. The sweet is very soft and looks beautiful. It is made from sugar, milk, and other ingredients. The price is not so high- Per kg is only 180tk.

Rosmalai of Comilla:

Comillar Rosmalai is a well known sweet item in whole over Bangladesh. It has a special taste for sweet lovers. People of Bangladesh who are very interested to taste sweet then they like to have it. Especially “Matrivandar ‘s Rosmalai” is famous in our country and the sweet shop is behind the scene of the popularity of  “Comillar Rosmalai”.  The shop of Matrivandar is situated in Comilla at Monohorpur. “Jolozog”, “Vogoboti”, “Zenis”, “Omrito Sweets”  and “Porabari” sweet shops of Comilla are also well known for Rosmalai.

Muktagacha Monda:

A person named Gopal Pal is the original creator of “Muktagachar Monda.” According to the legend, one night a sage appeared in Gopal Pal’s dream and ordered him to create monda. The next day, Gopal Pal created a monda and served it to the Zaminder of Muktagacha Maharaja Surjakant Acharya Chowdhury.

The Zaminder was very pleased. The first monda was produced in 1231 Bangla Year. The main ingredient of Monda is milk and sugar. After preparation, it can be preserved from 10 to 12 days at regular temperatures. It is stated that Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, former Chief Minister of West Bengal, leader of the former Soviet Union Joseph Stalin tasted Muktagachar Monda and liked it.

Satkhira Sondesh:

Sandesh is prepared more or less all over Bangladesh. Milk and sugar are the main ingredients. Satkhira Para Sondesh is another popular variety. It is a dry sweet. On the other hand, traditional soft sondesh is also popular here. There are many factories and sweet shops in Satkhira district. One or two such shops are even more than one hundred years old.

Bogra Doi (Sweet Yogurt):

It is the most popular yogurt in the country. It is very famous. Bogra is situated in the northern part of the country and this district has many cows. So, getting milk for the doi is not difficult. There are several types of yogurts:

 1. “Sweet yogurt” is the most common yogurt in Bogra yogurt.

 2. “White yogurt” is very popular for diabetes patients.

 3. “Sour yogurt” is similar to white yogurt, but it tastes sour.

 4. “Yogurt of Ghole” is used only for drinks.

 5. “Shahi yogurt” made less added sugar but bright white color. This yogurt is the best of all yogurt.

Balish Misti of Netrokona:

Netrokona is famous for many things. Among them, Balish mishti is the most popular. It comes first when we talk about this particular place. This sweet has a history of almost a hundred years. Because of its pillow-like shape and huge size, it is called balish (pillow) sweet. Each can weigh up to two kilograms.


It tops the list when the groom's family sends different types of sweets to the bride’s house as part of the tradition. This sweet was first made by Goyanath. That is why it is also known as Goyanath’s balish mishti or Goyanath’s Chomchom. However, before leaving Bangladesh in 1969, he taught the secret recipe to his employee Nikhil Modok. Since then his descendants are making this special sweet. 

However, this sweet is now found in many shops. If you ever visit Netrokona, you should not miss the opportunity to taste this giant Chomchom. If you taste once, you will never forget its taste.

Pera Sondesh of Naogaon:

Pera sondesh is a dry form of sweet made with milk and sugar. Naogaon is not a big city. The sweet has a history of nearly 100 years. It was that time used for a tribute to Hindu Gods. Pera sondesh can be preserved easily for a week because of its dry nature. It is also exported abroad.

Natore’s Kacha Golla:

It is a kind of sweet food similar to sondesh. This sweet is made by raw cow milk and this sweet is known as Kacha golla. Basically this sweet is made in Natore. But now there are many districts in Bangladesh where this sweet is available.


Kacha golla has a great story. In fact, the process of making it was discovered by accident. Natore’s kacha golla is famous and always in demand in the capital city Dhaka. However, it is not available that much because Natore is far from Dhaka and also kacha golla does not stay fresh for a long time.


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