Popular entrepreneurs in Sweden

Sweden is a beautiful country in Europe. This country is beautiful to look and good for living and business. Sweden is a country of business patent. Sweden have many reputed entrepreneurs. Top entrepreneurs of Sweden are as follows
Percy Barnevik : industry leader (ABB)
Gustaf Dalén: founder of AGA
Nils Ericson: railroad pioneer (SJ)
John Ericsson: nventor and engineer (USS Monitor)
Lars Magnus Ericsson: founder of Ericsson
Assar Gabrielsson: industrialist, co-founder of AB Volvo
Kai Hammerich: former vice president of Saab
Johan Petter Johansson : inventor
Jonas af Jochnick: founder of Oriflame
Robert af Jochnick: founders of Oriflame
Ingvar Kamprad: founder of IKEA
Ivar Kreuger: industrialist and financier
Gustav de Laval: founder of Alfa Laval
Adolf H. Lundin: oil and mining entrepreneur
Alfred Nobel: industrialist, instituted the Nobel Prizes
Birger Nordholm: entrepreneur
Erling Persson: founder of Hennes & Mauritz
Ruben Rausing: founder of Tetra Pak
Lars Olsson Smith: spirits manufacturer
Johan Stael von Holstein: founder of Icon MediaLab
Frans Suell: founder of Malmö harbour
Dr. Axel Lennart Wenner-Gren: founder of Electrolux
Jonas Wenström: industrialist
Sven Wingquist: engineer, inventor, industrialist, co-founder of SKF
Niklas Zennström: founder of KaZaA and Skype.
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