“Sanrin Global” an initiative to open employment opportunities for Bangladeshi Youth in Japan market by Samira Hossain Mili

Sanrin is a Japanese word that has several meanings. One of the meanings is three wheels. We are focusing on three-wheel to drive your career forward. These three wheels represent three services: 1) Information sharing, 2) Study/job consulting, 3) Skills training. This is an Ed-Tech company serving Bangladeshi youth. In Bangladesh our largest population group is youth and our youth have so much potential. But they do not have enough opportunities to develop themselves for the international market. That’s why our educated unemployment is increasing day by day and it is alarming for us. We came forward to work on this social problem. 

Sanrin Global registered in Bangladesh to work for Bangladeshi students. It has strong connections with Japan to create opportunities for Bangladeshi youth in the Japanese market. From our study and experience we have seen that, if we can ensure quality services in three categories, we can bring so many opportunities for our youth.

Information sharing: In this service area sarin delivers the summary information of study, scholarship, exchange program, job, business, and any relevant opportunities in the Japanese market for Bangladeshi youth. We have a web platform where any student can get this information easily for free. We collect the information and then sort it as per the necessity and in the short form to understand easily. We are developing our web platform with more advanced technology so that we can deliver the information more intelligently. This information will show a different career opportunity for Bangladeshi youth which is not so available now. To create employment for our youth we need to explore new career opportunities and new global markets. This is part of that opportunity.  

Study/job consulting: What a consultant does? He or she understands your needs and guides you by analyzing your particular situation. In Japan, companies made recruitment through consultants to avoid the load. Japanese organizations always expect that you will be well-prepared to apply for a job or study in their organization and as Bangladeshi actually it is difficult to understand what they mean about well-prepared. They have a lot of formalities and very standard indicators to judge you. That is why you need to prepare yourself for their standard and that’s certainly the best for your development as well. As we have experience for study, work, and business with Japanese and we made a partnership to work on that, we are offering study/employment consulting for you. This consulting support will guide you in detailed preparation to work with a Japanese organization.

Skills Training: We are living in a technology era, where everything is changing very rapidly. Our academic education is our basement but not enough for the global standard employment. To ensure better employment and to work in the global market we have to develop some other skills besides our education. In the Japanese market, we have seen there are a lot of opportunities to work for Bangladeshi youth but to understand their work and method we have to develop ourselves. That’s why we are providing relevant skills training to develop skilled youth/human resources. Currently, we are providing skills training in the Japanese language, English language, IT training, and different kinds of soft skills training.

I am working as a Japanese language instructor as well as an entrepreneur. Personally, I loved Japan for so many reasons. They have so many things that we can learn from for ourselves and the country's development. As Japan is considered the most friendly country for Bangladesh there are so many opportunities to work together. What we need is to prepare ourselves for their market standard. You may know that Japanese quality is known as the best in the world, so if we can work on that market, we can introduce ourselves as global standard human resources. I have a dream that, in Bangladesh, there will be zero unemployment. University graduates will get their job before their graduation. Our students, youth will work in the global market with honor and dignity. We will create a larger social impact by working together. You can support us, you can work with us, you can guide us by involving yourself with Sanrin to achieve our goal, to create opportunities for our youth.

Article written by:

Samira Hossain Mili

Co-founder, Sanrin Global

Alumni, Hosei University, Japan 

Awardee, The Japan Foundation, Japan 

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