Rich People in Nepal

Photo by: www.economywatch.comNepal is a beautiful country for travelling. Nepal is in Asia and a sound place for living. There are many rich people in Nepal and among them some information as follows
1.Binod Chaudhary & family:
Net worth: US$ $1 billion
Position: executive director (Chaudhary Group)
2.Balram Chainrai:
Source: electricity and real estate
Family: Chainrai has an Indian wife and 3 children
Residence Hong Kong
Nationality British, Nepalese
3.Aditya Jha:
Born Southern Nepal adjacent of Indian Border
Residence Toronto, Canada
Education Honorary:
LL.D., Ryerson University; M.Sc. Mathematical Statistics, Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science, Research Scholar at School of Computer & Systems Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU)
Position: President & CEO
4.Shesh Ghale and Jamuna Gurung
5.Upendra Mahato:
Born: 1960 AD Siraha, Nepal
Business source: electronics, oil, real estate, banking and heavy machinery
Education: PhD. from Russia in 1990
Residence Moscow, Russia
6.Rajendra Khetan:
He has nearly 13 organization in Nepal.
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