Reasons Behind American Government Should Banned Child Shooting Games

It's very funny to watch how educated stupid people make shooting youtube videos for entertainment and the core audience is Child. Nowadays more than thousands of games exist online about shooting. My question is what the hell these innocent children are learning?  Is it all about shooting and how to shoot, use a gun, and kill someone?

Should it be a part of the entertainment for these innocent children? Somehow they adopt some nature for this way of the environment and they try it in real life and some of the incidents happen. Why not create awareness about it? Every year the shooting rate is increasing in many areas mostly in the USA. 

It's very joky to understand that no one is going to take any action to improve this area of entrainment. Thousands of ways still exist except this child shooting Games and Youtube Videos. I think the USA government and all conscious people across the globe should think about this sector and give the finest and coolest environment for our children.

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