Reading prothom-alo newspaper means contributing to the society and to the country.

There is a proverb “good and honest object deserve more” I read prothom-alo newspaper daily and found many more information that is praise worthy beside this I found they always trying to do something for the country I am telling again they have a tendency to do something better and revolutionary change in Bangladesh. Which make me more delight about prothom-alo newspaper.
All of the conscious people of a country want to do some social work or anyway they try to contribute to the society. It’s my opinion in this regard that reading this newspaper is CSR (corporate social responsibility) for mass people of Bangladesh. I found myself its importance like CSR ha ha.
However this newspaper took many step for Bangladesh and for Bangladeshi youth I ever seen. First time I found it would be for their marketing but last few days ago I found a TVC of prothom-alo and lastly I understood that these types of intention is possible only for patriotism. I think prothom- alo doing this only for loving the country. It’s rare to find these types of steps it’s only possible who have patriotism.
Prothom-alo should continue these kind of activities and publish news without any political preference that they are doing from the beginning.
Best of Luck
Prothom-alo and all the respective employee like Sir Anisul Haque and the founder.

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