Private Commercial Banks in Bangladesh

There are many Commercial Banks running their banking activities in Bangladesh. Their financial condition is good and these banks are contributing in Bangladeshi Economy and Business. Private commercial banks in Bangladesh are as follows:
• BRAC Bank Limited (Website:
• Eastern Bank Limited (Website:
• Dutch Bangla Bank Limited (Website:
• Pubali Bank Limited (Website:
• IFIC Bank Limited (Website:
• National Bank Limited (Website:
• The City Bank Limited (Website:
• NCC Bank Limited (Website:
• Mercantile Bank Limited (Website:
• Prime Bank Limited (Website:
• Southeast Bank Limited (Website:
• Standard Bank Limited (Website:
• One Bank Limited (Website:
• Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited (Website:
• The Premier Bank Limited (Website:
• Bank Asia Limited (Website:
• Trust Bank Limited (Website:
• Jamuna Bank Limited (Website:
• AB Bank Limited (Website: www.
• NRB Commercial Bank Limited (Website:
• NRB Bank Limited (Website:
• Meghna Bank Limited (Website
• Farmers Bank Limited (Website: www.
• Modhumoti Bank Limited (Website
• South Bangla Agriculture and Commerce Bank Ltd (Website:
• Midland Bank Limited (Website
• NRB Global Bank Limited (Website:
• Uttara Bank Limited (Website:
• Dhaka Bank Limited (Website:
• United Commercial Bank Limited (Website:
• Mutual Trust Bank Limited (Website:
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