Printing and Press Solution In Bangladesh

If you are thinking about your printing and press solution in Bangladesh than welcome you to the solution.
if you want to publish your college magazine or any other official press than without any hesitation go to Fakirapul in Dhaka. You will get lots of printing and press solution their at a minimum price. Fakirapul is in Motijheel. What you have to do just come to Fakirapul and ask people where is the printing press goli than you will find it more easy and conveniently.
If you want to go Fokirapul from Mirpur-1 than you will get many bus i am mentioning some bus name: New Vision, Trans Silva, Bahon, Bihongo and so on. you will get transportation easily from every where in Dhaka city
From Mohammadpur: Midway, Sotabdi and so on.
Fakirapul is one of the leading place for printing and press in Bangladesh.
Besides this New Market have also some printing and press.
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