PHP Bringing the First Car Made in Bangladesh

PHP Automobiles came with the first car made in Bangladesh. At the showroom of Tenjgaon PHP Automobile in the capital, the 2021 model New Saga MCC Sign model car was inaugurated by the Vice-Chairman of the company Md. Mohsin.

Managing Director of PHP Automobiles. Akhter Parvez said that this car of 1500 cc has been made in the country. However, innovation has been brought to the car. Changes have been made to the engine including green, bumper, interior, gearbox, cushions. Which is better than foreign cars.

He said the car will change the country's market. I hope a big change will be brought to the Dhaka market. However, people should be interested in buying cars made in the country. The foundation of the economy will be stronger.

The quality of Made in Bangladesh would be better than any other country expert mentioned. Made in Bangladesh cars will export more widely in Asia than gradually across the world.

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