Nokia's new logo after 60 years

Photo: Reuters

One of the top telecommunications firms in the world, Nokia, just introduced a new logo, signaling a substantial shift after 60 years. The company's attempt to reposition itself in the fiercely competitive IT sector includes a new logo that reflects its dedication to innovation and sustainability.

As part of this, the new Nokia logo was revealed on Sunday, Reuters reported. The new logo uses 5 different shapes to write Nokia in English. The familiar blue color of the old logo has been replaced with a new color. The updated, contemporary design of the new logo is simpler, more minimalist, and cleaner than the previous one. Nokia's trademark "connected hands" sign has been kept, but it now has a sleeker, more streamlined appearance. It has been associated with the company's brand since the 1980s.

In keeping with Nokia's renewed emphasis on innovation and technology, the font used in the new logo is likewise brand-new. The letters are slightly rounded and appear more contemporary. Together with a new color scheme, the new logo highlights the company's dedication to sustainability with hues of blue and green.

Pekka Lundmark, the company's chief executive, told Reuters in an interview, 'We have only worked with smartphones so far. Now we will work as a technology-related business.'

Apart from manufacturing and selling mobile phones, Nokia is now primarily moving towards other technology equipment, according to the report. The company plans to expand its business by selling equipment to other telecom companies.

Photo: Reuters

Nokia is currently trying to reposition itself in the tech sector, thus the choice to modernize the logo is timely. The business is expanding into new industries like healthcare and smart cities while also making significant investments in 5G technology and other cutting-edge technologies.

A larger rebranding initiative, which also includes a new website, marketing materials, and other brand components, incorporates the new logo. The new logo is a crucial component in conveying Nokia's commitment to sustainability, innovation, and growth to stakeholders and customers as part of the company's new brand strategy.

After taking over the faltering Nokia helm in 2020, Lundmark laid out a 3-phase business expansion strategy. These are a start-up, business acceleration, and scale-up.

"We did pretty well last year," Lundmark said. The business has grown by around 21 percent, which is around 8 percent of our sales, roughly over 2 billion euros. We want to take it to double digits as soon as possible.

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