Mobile Phone Manufacturing Companies in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country where every impossible is possible. Think about the telecommunication industry. Bangladesh is one of the fastest-growing countries recognized across the world in the case of mobile technology. According to the telecoms regulators, the number of mobile subscribers was a little over 130.8 million by the end of 2016, as per the sale of SIM cards. 

According to BTRC data, Bangladesh had 130 million mobile users. So you just again think about the possibility I think. However, due to this telecommunication revolution In Bangladesh, there are many mobile phone manufacturing companies already peeped. Below mentioned are the top mobile phone manufacturing companies in Bangladesh.

Symphony Mobile:
It's kinda the most used mobile handset in Bangladesh. Whenever you travel to any place in Bangladesh you will definitely hear a common ringtone and it's about symphony’s ringtone I can assure you. Symphony Mobile is a sister concern of EDISON Group. 

EDISON Group, one of the encouraging and evolving business groups, is founded with the aim of enhancing all aspects of life for customers with powerful brands, reliable products, and services. Group's first company SB Tel Enterprise Ltd, established in 2005, started a mobile phone business under the SYMPHONY brand in 2008 providing a new experience to the consumers through continuous innovation and product diversification.

The brand has been enjoying an indisputable leading position in the mobile phone industry. Another two supporting businesses – symphony accessories and mobile application (value-added service- “Fun Store” powered by MoMagic Bangladesh)- added significant value to the Symphony mobile phone users Since 2011.

Walton Mobile:
A sister concern of the Walton group is Walton Mobile. This company started a new dimensional journey in Bangladesh. Experience the best from Walton Smartphone, offers innovative and user-friendly mobile devices with elegant design, premium build quality, superior performance, customizable software with the latest Android operating system, and to bring high-end smartphones & making it affordable for customers.

Walton Smartphone offers a wide variety of services and features that will enrich your mobile user experience. Walton Mobile nowadays is very popular in other Asian countries Mostly in Nepal, India and so on.

Elite Mobile:
A very young entrepreneur in Bangladesh started the journey of Elite Mobile. Elite Technologies is a new generation lifestyle technology provider in the field of smartphones and telecommunications. By the way, his manufacturing set up in China, by the way, its origin and creation in Bangladesh.
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