London Buses to Carry ‘Praise Allah’ Adverts During Ramadan

As part of a campaign by the largest Muslim charity in Britain to aid Syrian civil war victims during Ramadan, buses will show advertisements thanking Allah. According to the London Evening Standard, Islamic Relief expressed the hope that the posters, which feature the Arabic phrase "Subhan Allah"—which translates to "Glory be to God"—will positively reflect both Islam and foreign help.

Later this month, the advertisements will run in Bradford, London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Leicester. The religious celebration is anticipated to start on April 6, and charity leaders believe it will stimulate generous donations throughout that time. The campaign, the organizers continued, should encourage young Muslims to concentrate on doing good deeds.

"In a sense, this could be called a climate change campaign," said Imran Madden, the UK head of Islamic Relief, "because we want to change the negative climate around international aid and around the Muslim community in this country."

The number of individuals experiencing extreme poverty has decreased by half over the past 15 years thanks to international charity, and British Muslims are a remarkably giving group, contributing more than £100 million to overseas aid organizations throughout Ramadan.

It occurs when Sadiq Khan, the first Muslim mayor of London, has just been elected following a historic victory over Tory contender Zac Goldsmith. Nearly three million Muslims live in Britain, with the majority living in the city.

While religious adverts are not prohibited, posters associated with a "political party or campaign" are not permitted, according to Transport for London, which controls the advertisements displayed on the city's buses.

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