List of Japanese Popular Magazines


Japan is a nation with a thriving and rich magazine culture. Japanese magazines cover a wide range of subjects, including business, politics, and current events in addition to fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, and technology. We'll examine some of the most well-known Japanese publications and their features in more detail in this article.

1. Vogue Japan:

High-end publication Vogue Japan covers everything from the newest catwalk styles to lifestyle and cosmetic trends. It is renowned for its artistic layout and beautiful pictures. Vogue Japan publishes in-depth stories on fashion and beauty as well as interviews with prominent models, designers, and celebrities.

2. Shonen Jump:

Manga magazine Shonen Jump caters to young males and teenagers. Some manga series that have become cultural icons in Japan and worldwide include Naruto, Dragon Ball, and One Piece. Shonen Jump is renowned for its vibrant imagery and captivating narratives, which frequently feature humor, action, and adventure.

3. Weekly Playboy:

A men's magazine called Weekly Playboy includes images of models and celebrities together with stories on entertainment, lifestyle, and current affairs. Although Weekly Playboy is recognized for its controversial content, it also covers important subjects like politics and business.

4. DIME:

DIME is a technology and lifestyle publication with a strong emphasis on electronics, gadgets, and gaming. It offers in-depth articles on the most recent technological trends as well as product evaluations and how-to pieces. Young males who are enthusiastic about technology and games are drawn to DIME.

5. Popeye: 

Fashion, culture, and lifestyle are all topics covered in the men's lifestyle publication Popeye. It includes interviews with trend-setters and creatives as well as pieces on fashion, art, music, and design. Popeye is renowned for its edgy and fashionable take on men's style and way of life.


CanCam is a fashion and lifestyle publication for young women between the ages of 20 and 30. It includes articles on relationships, health, and lifestyle in addition to fashion and beauty advice. CanCam is a well-liked option among young women who wish to wear the most recent styles because of its practical and approachable look.


7. Brutus: 

A men's lifestyle publication called Brutus Brutus covers a wide range of subjects, including politics, culture, and fashion and design. It includes articles on food, travel, and lifestyle as well as interviews with authors, artists, and writers. Brutus is a well-liked publication among intellectuals and creatives because of its reputation for incisive and thought-provoking pieces.

8. Nikkei Business: 

Weekly business publication Nikkei Business features the most recent market research, financial news, and business trends. For those interested in business news and investment prospects, it is regarded as the go-to publication.

9. TV Bros: 

The weekly entertainment publication TV Brothers offers the most recent information and developments in the Japanese entertainment market. It offers exclusive behind-the-scenes information, celebrity interviews, and reviews of films and television programs. Anybody interested in Japanese popular culture should read it.

10. Famitsu:

Weekly video game magazine Famitsu publishes the most recent news, reviews, and previews of video games. For everyone interested in video games and gaming culture, it is regarded as an essential publication. It is renowned for its in-depth analyses and thorough coverage.

11. Casa BRUTUS: 

Casa BRUTUS is a monthly design and lifestyle publication that features the most recent developments in architecture, interior design, and design trends. It is renowned for its insightful writings on design and lifestyle as well as its high-quality photos.

12. Men's Non-No:

Men's Non-No is a monthly men's fashion publication that features the newest looks and styling advice. It is renowned for its focus on young culture and streetwear-inspired apparel. Anybody interested in men's fashion and style should read it.


Fashion, beauty, and relationships are among the topics covered in the women's lifestyle publication Anan Anan. Together with interviews with trendsetters and celebrities, it includes pieces on health and well-being. Anan is a well-liked option among young women because of its reputation for taking a constructive and empowering approach to women's lifestyles.

In conclusion, Japanese magazines address a variety of subjects and target different readerships. There is a Japanese magazine out there that will suit your interests, whether they are in fashion, technology, lifestyle, or culture. Japanese magazines are a window into the distinct and interesting culture of Japan with their imaginative layouts, beautiful photography, and informative essays.

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